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Thread: What's your alternate, secondary weapon?

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    Thumbs up What's your alternate, secondary weapon?

    Played in a game years ago, through a bunch of bad roles, my character lost his primary weapon and had to make due with his alternate, or secondary, weapon/s, you had to make due with.

    So everyone, please share with us
    1) Your character, and class
    2) Which rpg, and edition, if applicable
    3) Your primary weapon that you lost
    4) Your alternate, secondary weapon/s

    I'll begin:

    1) Human Fighter
    2) DnD 2E (S3: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks)
    3) 2-handed Sword, broke while trying to open the steel door, rolled 1's
    4) Long sword collected from an earlier battle. Fighter had no skills with it. Oh well, it was better than a dagger.

    Just thought of another, and more recent, situation:
    1) Ogre, unofficial rules
    2) WFRP, 1E
    3) Wielded a huge sword. Rolled 1's. Sword stuck in cranium of a Chaos Troll (can grow to 18+ feet in WFRP), and found there wasn't enough time to remove it w/o giving multiple Beastmen a free attack. Long, kinda sickly, but humorous story.
    4) Started throwing carcasses at the bad guys. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. It did buy him enough time till help arrived. Had to use a small tree truck after that as a club. Eventually replaced sword.

    What share you?

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