The stead proper is buried beneath a few of the larger mounts in the western branch of the Greypeak mountains. It has only a few viable exits and is quite defensible in its current position. The main entrance is located North of the stead and is Illethkeep, a large military stronghold and training ground for the dwarves. It possesses a huge set of stone doors that can be closed, having been for nearly 1000 years. Most outsiders coming to the stead enter through this means. The only other entrances are a variety of chimney ducts that are dangerous at best and the lower levels of the stead itself, having been lost during the Derro raids. The miners had unwittingly opened the older passages leading to the lowroad, a lost underground passage linking the ancient dwarven kingdoms of old.

Uerythtar is likely a small remnant of Ammarindar, a great dwarven civilization spanning the Greypeaks, that fell quite some time ago. The stead itself is composed of many levels. Most dwarves stay within their familial home until married. Clans are generally congregated within areas and any non clan dwarf found within the area looked upon quite suspiciously indeed. There are quite a few open areas and crafts levels that allow for non clan relations. Many dwarves here have been living as they have for eons, changing very little in that time. The dwarven pantheon, Mordinsammon, are highly regarded and apprenticeships in the church are regarded as rare and honorable.

There exists quite a rivalry within the clans themselves and their aged Thanes. Other political rivalries and factionalism occur between the guilds and the newcomers (Adbarran dwarves & a small handful of lost dwarves from the local area) and the true Uerythtaran natives. The high priest of Moradin(Balabualt Tethgard) an Adbarran native, has been advocating the expulsion of the non uerythtarins and resealing the stead to prevent outside influence upon their way of life. He has been recruiting many younger dwarves to his call and they often refer to themselves as the Sons of Balabault. They are very conservative and xenophobic in their outlook and often knock heads with more free thinking elements within the stead.

Another issue of concern is the kingship of Beldas the Bull. Uerythtar has never acknowledged the High king Harbromm, but Beldas was his old Aide and friend. Many within the stead do not feel their kingdom need recognize a High King of the Dwarves of the North and would feel their king weak if he were to do this. It does continually strain relations with the other dwarven kingdoms though. As of now Beldas has made no move one way or another, but should he Balabault would certainly view the act as treason and work against him more openly. The Thanes are of differing opinion and all vie for what they see as the best manner to secure their own clans in this political backdrop.