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Thread: History and Notable NPC's

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    History and Notable NPC's

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    The Dwarf-Hold of Uerythtar
    Population: 3,400 Shield Dwarves, 800 Duergar (though considered lost mountain dwarves and welcomed back into the community long ago)

    Located high in the Greypeak Mountains, north of the Shining Falls, the dwarf-hold of Uerythtar is little known to the outside world. Originally a self-sustaining city that had sealed itself off from contact with others (even their dwarven brethen), Uerythtar entered a dark period about twenty years ago, when miners in the deep levels began to be attacked by Underdark menaces, including slow shadows and derro. The crisis reached its' height in 1354 DR, when Osk Blackalbryn, king of Uerythtar, was killed in battle with a derro raiding party. Baerna, Osk's wife, was forced to send a delegation to the outside world to ask for aid in combating their enemies.

    The delegation travelled overland to Citadel Adbar, where they were greeted by King Harbromm as long-lost cousins. After hearing of their plight, Harbromm immediately sent the delegation back to Uerythtar accompanied by a relief force of nearly 300 dwarves.

    Clearing the underhalls of derro took another three years of hard fighting. The derro, refugees fleeing from a drowish army that sacked their city under the Nether Mountains, fought like madmen, but the warriors from Citadel Adbar turned the tide of the battle. It was during this time that Beldas Hammerblood, commander of the Adbar dwarves, met and fell in love with Hathlia, daughter of Baerna and the late king Osk. After the fighting ended, Beldas married Hathlia and was proclaimed king of Uerythtar by Baerna. The war with the derro left many Uerythtarym females widowed or without potential mates, and many in the Adbar army stayed at the hold after the war, taking wives and settling down.

    Uerythtar today is a relatively stable, prosperous realm. Gold and copper is mined in the deep levels, and Beldas' many long years bringing the hold into the wider world has paid off, as trade with Citadel Adbar, Loudwater, and the nearby elven community of Riverspring has begun to grow. With the fall of Hellgate Keep the biggest threat to Uerythrym's existence is gone, although the goblinoids of the Greypeaks and the drow of the captured derro city of Ahnagor are constant threats. Perhaps even more serious to the Uerythtaryn are the divisions that lie just under the surface of their community; many older, native Uerythtaryn, insular and clannish by nature, resent the Adbarrim and refugees from Llorkh, whom they regard as interlopers and meddlers (thankfully, most of the younger dwarves reject this view, and instead embrace the outside world, forming much of the adventuring population of Uerythtar). Also, the xenophobic high priest of Moradin, Balabault Tethgard, has recently begun arguing for fighting against instead of allying with the humans of Loudwater and the elves of the High Forest, and his views have begun to catch on with some of the more militaristic Uerythtarym.

    As noted, Uerythtar's mines produce gold and copper ores, and a few small veins of gemstones have been found from time to time. The hold descends underground for six levels (not including the mines), although the deepest two have been abandoned for centuries, roamed only by the occasional cloaker or slow shadow. Illethkeep, the southern reach of the hold, is a fortified entrance, and is a trading post with the humans of Loudwater.

    Notable NPC's:

    Beldas "The Bull" Hammerblood : King of Uerythtar. Beldas, a famed Adbar warrior and former aide to King Harbromm of that city, was Harbromm's first choice to lead the re-taking of Uerythtar. His time as Harbromm's aide has served the old dwarf well, and Beldas has settled in nicely to his role as king. Although technically equals now, he still regards Harbromm as his superior, and will defer to the king of Adbar in any joint ventures.

    Beldas's nickname comes from his prodigious girth. He is as wide as he is big, with arms the size of tree stumps, and clear steel-grey eyes. It is rumored that there is giantish blood somewhere in his background, although he is only of average height (however, his great-grandfather, Dobyn "Skyreacher" Hammerblood, stood almost six feet tall).

    Glondar Thundarden : Major-domo of King Beldas of Uerythtar. Strict and stuffy, with no sense of humor, but very efficient. Haegara delights in browbeating the stuffy major-domo, and he is often on the recieving end of one of her tirades.

    Balabault Tethgard, the Shield of Moradin : High priest of Moradin. Balabault, an old, bombastic evangelist and native of Adbar, became the high priest after the former holder of the title fell in battle with the derro. He believes that dwarves in the North have become too complacent and defensive, and that they should work to re-take their old holdings and bring the fight directly to the goblin races instead of settling into a defensive posture. Balabault has an equally hard-line view of humans and elves, whom he views as little better than the goblinoids. These views often lead him into conflict with King Beldas, who is trying to establish better relations with the elves of nearby Riverspring, but he is wildly popular with a group of younger Uerythtaryn dwarves, who have formed a martial order named the Sons of Balabault, dedicated to his preachings.

    Haegara "The Hag" Narlagh: Haegara is a short, plump dwarven matron, with a shrill voice and little patience. Her nickname (always spoken out of her hearing) gives an indication to her personality.

    Scuttlebutt in the halls has it that King Harbromm appointed her as ambassador to Uerythtar in order to rid himself of her presence. In fact, Haegara is in reality an intelligent and witty conversationalist; her gruff facade is merely a tool to browbeat others into doing what she wants, and to keep fools and sycophants at arms' length.

    Haegara is a blood-cousin of the king of Citadel Adbar, and an old acquaintance of Beldas', who views her shrill act with a secretly shared amusement.

    Ondail "The Younger" Shieldstar : Priest of Moradin and defender of the temple in Uerythtar. His father, Ondail "The Elder," was a respected and accomplished warrior-priest who fell during the battle to liberate Uerythtar, and Ondail now constantly pushes himself to prove himself worthy of his father's legacy.

    Olorn "Greatshout" Tethgard: An Uerythtar dwarf, commander of Illethkeep, the southern defenses. Olorn has a florid face, a huge bulbous nose, and an enormous, well-trimmed handlebar moustache. His nickname comes from his booming, jovial voice.

    Elbryn and Samsczar Bellnose: Gnomish twins, and long-time companions of Beldas. They live in Uerythtar and delight in making magic. The only way to tell the two apart is by Elbryn's bright-red hair (the result of a Wand of Wonder). Although the twins are respected by the dwarves of Uerythtar for their part in defeating the hold's enemies (and their use of concealment magics for surprise attacks), their semi-constant practical jokes (such as bowls of soup suddenly sprouting illusionary eyes, or patches of luminescent fungus belting out dwarven war songs in the middle of the night) tend to wear thin on those around them, and they are largely avoided. They have, however, become fast friends with many of the elves of the High Forest, who are more than happy to give the twins new ways to annoy the stuffy dwarves.

    Titanias "Amberhair" Uerthshield : Titanias is well-known among the dwarves of the North from her days as a wandering mercinary. Now largely retired, she still sports a full, well-braided beard as a reminder of those days when she masqueraded as a male dwarf in order to move about unrestricted. Her husband, Ondail, often objects to it, but Titanias ignores him, telling the priest that she'll shave her beard when he shaves his.

    Titanias' nickname comes from the vibrant auburn color of her hair, a legacy of her father, who came from a clan of highland dwarves near Silverymoon. She is secretly very prideful of her hair, and takes great pains to keep it well-groomed and washed. Now that she no longer masquerades as a male, Titanias has begun to scent and decorate her hair with gold and gems, as well.

    Vulph "Greenslayer" Rivenhelm : Commander of the Uerythtaryn legions, his nickname comes from his battle with the wyrm Sselsanthara. A stereotypical military dwarf, from his polished uniform, to his clipped speech, to his incredible knowledge of military matters. If given time, Vulph can recite every war and battle that involved dwarves from the time of Delzoun to the present, complete with names, heroic deeds, and his own thoughts on how the conflicts should have been fought.

    Around fellow warriors, Vulph is reserved but friendly. However, to those not of a military bent, especially mages and other spellcasters, he is condescending and will often not respond directly to such individuals.
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    Known Dwarven clans residing or have resided in Uerythtar

    Native : Blackalbryn (Royal line of kings), Tethgard, Thundarden, Shieldstar, Uerthshield, Rivenhelm, Arnskull, Battlehammer, Blackbanner, Blackhammer, Bucklebar, Eaglecleft, Horn, Jundeth, Narlagh, Orothiar, Quarrymaster, Rockfist, Stoneshoulder, Trueforger, Watchever, Worldthrone, Oakenshield, Tigereye, Erizak

    Foreign (Adbar, Llorkh, various fallen kingdoms) : Tethgard, Hammerblood, Narlagh, Rock Crusher, Golden Eye, Axebite, Sundarr, Deepaxe, Deepdelve, Foehammer, Steonshield, Dragonskull, Kalthir, Orstarr, Rockstarr, Gallowgar, Yund, Hillsafar, Wyrmslayer, Darkfell

    Line of Kings of Uerythtar

    Kingdom formed by Belindorn Blackalbryn

    followed by Thosk Blackalbyrn

    followed by Thorn I Blackalbyrn

    followed by Thosk II Blackalbyrn

    followed by Uethym Blackalbyrn (the child-king)

    followed by Vorn ( the blackaxe) Blackalbyrn

    followed by Thosk III Blackalbyrn

    followed by Osk Blackalbyrn

    followed by Beldas "The Bull" Hammerblood / married to Hathlia Blackalbyrn

    Beldas has had a single child Uethym II Blackalbyrn, whom is the current heir to the throne. He is currently 12

    Duergar Clans

    Adamantine shield (Grey dwarf)

    Three families exist in the clan.

    1. Verbain keepers of Dumanthoin
    2. Vaxgur explorer of the deep
    3. Vyrn The watchfuls eyes


    First gen.

    1. Adalvaldr Verbain the first

    2. Freylaug Verbain wife of Adalvaldr

    2nd gen.

    3. Gillaug Verbain First born of Adalvaldr
    current high preist Dumanthoin (female)
    a. VŪdarr Vyrn husband of Gillaug

    4. Adalvaldr Verbain the 2nd (male)
    a. Ranka Vaxgur wife of Adalvaldr the 2nd

    5. Holmkell Verbain (male)
    a. Valdis Vaxgur wife of Holmkell

    3rd Gen
    6. Adalvaldr Verbain the 3rd son of Gillaug

    7. Styrmir Verbain son of Gillaug

    8. Joka Verbain daughter of Adalvaldr the 2nd

    9. Osk Verbain son of Adalvaldr the 2nd

    10. Arnhall Verbain son of Holmkell

    11. Arta Verbain son of Holmkell

    12. Otama Verbain daughter of Holmkell
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    Here is a list of the known guilds within the stead

    The Brotherhood of the Deep Delving (Mining, Excavation, and Prospecting)
    Brothers of the Stout Oat ( Brewers, Stillers, and Bar Personel)
    The Hands of the Gods (Weaponsmithing and Armory)
    Dugmaren's Hands (Engineers)
    Uerythtaren Historical Preservation Society (Lorekeepers and Scribes)
    Vergadain's Chosen (Traders - recently acknowledged)
    Uerythtaran Militia (Military)
    Berronar's Joy (Weavers)
    Brothers of Moradin's Riddle (Metallurgy {includes any specialization like gold, silver, platinum, ect.})
    Green Touched (Farmers {including subteranean})
    Mule Skinners (Tanners and Cobblers)
    Drakonom (Smithing and Forgeworkers)
    Chanters (Bardic {only 2 in stead, though recognized})
    The Fraternal order of the Eye and Hand (Problemsolvers {including plumbing, waterworkers, and Locksmiths})
    The order of the Blood of Moradin (Masons and Construction)
    Fire Eyes (Gem Cutting)
    The Brotherhood of Readied Forces (Husbandry)
    The Wheels of Fury (Pottery)
    Blackalbryn's Chosen (Judges)

    There are also certain levels of knowledge
    apprentice (young dwarves)
    novice (newly trained)
    craftsmen (one level of proficiency)
    master (2 or more levels of proficiency)
    guild leader (master status and elected leaders - note: must never leave the stead)

    some of the guilds will have many leaders and some will have only one
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    Thanes of Uerythter

    1.Osk Verbain son of Adalvaldr the 2nd (Duergar)
    2.Thon Tethgard
    3.Vron Thundarden
    4.Sven Shieldstar the Robust
    5.Vorn Uerthshield
    6.Uethym the bloodletter Rivenhelm
    7.Adze Arnskull
    8.Pike the Third Battlehammer
    9.Gimnt Blackbanner
    10.Arsun Blackhammer
    11.Falgen Bucklebar the large
    12.Reiel Eaglecleft
    13.Nalgar the fourth Horn
    14.Farerl the dark Jundeth
    15.Duerurt Orothiar the Elegant
    16.Delkral Quarrymaster
    17.Dori Rockfist the Vigilant
    18.Morir Stoneshoulder
    19.Tholyr the fire Trueforger
    20.Erir the second Worldthrone
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    Tharakak - Aarokra Emmisary from the Avie of the Stars, dispatched by the Queen Chakata of his people.

    Thearea Heasinddare - Emmisary from the Winged mother Ianna'Myual of the Starry Mount.

    High Battle Lord Moriril Rivenhelm, Blood of Dekas the Orc Crusher - High Priest of Clangeddon

    Hargel and Dolri - Parents of Grimgar (both are involved in the Uerythtaren Historical Preservation Society)

    Gimir and Bofbela Erizak - Parents of Yurdin

    Glorir, Ovthen, Barur Erizak - Brothers of Yurdin

    Werserd, Bolbela, Azina, and Belora Erizak - Sisters of Yurdin

    Dwdal and Toril - Parents of Mora (Cameo) ; Dwdal is a master in the Drakonom

    Maaim "the shadow" Rivenhelm Brother of the Bloodletter - Guild Elder of The Fraternal order of the Eye and Hand, trained Mora in her craft

    Ovor Uerthshield, the Fifth, Blood of Kanik - Chanter to King Beldas

    Dorgen - lesser priest of Moradin

    Nithhogr the deceitful - Green Wyrm defeated by Vulph Rivenhelm

    Dwak Bucklebar the Red - Sergeant of the Militia

    Erona - mother of Gorrin , and member of the Wheels of Fury

    Dalani and Ovara - Sisters of Gorrin

    Verdameir and Dolbela Garrik- Orin's father and Mother

    Tirmaar Garrik- Orin's uncle he saved from Lhlork

    Thual Garrik - Orin's brother and member of the Brothers of Moradin's Riddle, twin to Seria

    Seria Garrik - Orin's sister and member of The Fraternal order of the Eye and Hand and twin to Thual
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    Power Structure within the Temple of Moradin - (* - Adbarran) (average daily paritioners - 800)
    Balabault Tethgard, the sheild of Moradin *
    Ondail "The Younger" Shieldstar
    Thon Hammerfall
    Dorgen Thundarden
    Arin Dragonskull the third *
    Boli Stoneshoulder the gifted
    Delgar the Gray Vryn (Duergar)
    Nalrak Orstarr *
    Thraal Yund, begotten of Borin *
    Morgrim Oakensheild
    Glanrim Hammerblood *
    Darrim Rockfist
    Azrid Hammerfall
    Yurdak Steonsheild *
    Dorgan Trueforger, Blood of Ain the forger

    Power Structure within the Temple of Clangeddon - (* - Adbarran) (average daily paritioners - 400)
    High Battle Lord Moriril Rivenhelm, Blood of Dekas the Orc Crusher - High priest of Clangeddon
    Battle Lord Vonin Deepaxe Blood of Harbromm *
    Battle Lord Glorac
    Chief Sergeant Glandin Darkfell *
    Sergeant of Axes Vorn blood of the Blackaxe
    Sergeant of Axes Bofthaal Axebite *
    Sergeant Odin Blackbanner the Stout
    Sergeant Norring Thosk
    Osk Horn the Courageous
    Voner Gallowgar the Second *
    Morkas Tigereye

    Power structure within the Temple of Dumathoin (average daily paritioners - 250)
    Osk Verbain, High Preist of Dumathoin
    Gillaug Verbain Daul of Adalvaldr
    Thrthen Verbain Cryptwarden
    Otama Verbain Daul of Holmkell
    Arta Verbain Son of Holmkell
    Vonin Verbain the Third
    Dwgar Verbain
    Glangen Verbain

    Power Structure within the Temple of Vergadain - (average daily paritioners - 40)
    Orin Garrik High Preist of Vergadain
    Tirmaar Garrik
    Verdameir Garrik
    Barur Erizak (Brother of Yurdin)

    Power Structure within the Temple of Berronar Truesilver (average daily paritioners - 450) (There is a shrine to the Revered Mother near the temple of Moradin and plans for the Construction of a full Temple)
    Moranna Blackalbryn Blood of Belindorn Gaurdian of the Hearth
    Werydd "Derrobane" Watchever (managed to hide 30 children the Derro were trying to kill)
    Dorissa Blackhammer Daul of Arsun

    Faiths that have followings within Uerythtar (Most worship at their god's statue within the Temple of Moradin
    Dugmaren Brightmantle - Most from within Dugmarin's Hands (Engineers Guild)
    Haela Brightaxe - Female Militia Members and Adventurers
    Sharindlar - Known collectively as the "Sisterhood of the Stout Oat", mainly females with Romantic aspirations
    Gorm Gultyn - A few within the Brothers of Moradin's Riddle
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    Our game is currently in 1370 / Year of the Tankard
    --- Merged from Double Post ---
    Lost Kingdoms / Rumors (Yes, I did a lot of work you might want to print this)

    Loudwater - This town of 4, 000 inhabitants spans the river, with an arching bridge made a millennia ago by the dwarf Iirkos Stoneshoulder for the elves who lived here at the time.

    Secomber - The Singing Sprite: The Sprite is a solid-looking stone building that's cold and damp in winter, warmer and damp in summer.One room has mysterious maps scratched on its walls. The Windfeathers charge to look at these and claim they show the layout of a lost dwarven hold nearby just where, they're not sure. The hold, Firehammer Hold, is said to hide rich treasure. The dwarves all perished through disease.

    Halls of Hammer - West of Mount Hlim, near the shores of Highstar Lake, is a pit half full of loose, sharp rubble. An opening cut in its rock walls leads into the Halls of the Hammer, a long-abandoned dwarfhold.The Halls of the Hammer is said to have a large central chamber wherein a hundred human corpses dangle from the ceiling in a forest of chains.Powerful, wraithlike spirits roam the halls beyond, guarding a glowing magical war hammer that floats by itself in a chamber guarded by horrors and magical defenses. What powers the awesome-looking hammer possesses, who put it there and why, and how to win past its defenses are all mysteries as yet unsolved. Seeking the answers has killed at least 20 daring women and men thus far.

    The Shining Falls - Legends tell of a hidden entrance to the tomb of the dwarven royalty of Ammarindar (a dwarven contemporary of Netheril) beneath the torrential waters of the Shining Falls.

    Hall of Four Ghosts
    Its name long lost to all but the most learned of historians, this ruined dwarfhold was once a logging town, where dwarves harvested mighty trees from the High Forest for the clans throughout the North.

    The High Forest - The Stronghold of the Nine, long held to be a former dwarven hold, was an outpost, smithy, and armory created by dwarven allies of Eaerlann, abandoned only scant centuries after the elves left as well.

    Stone Bridge - This massive stone arch spans the River Dessarin without ceremony or accompanying settlement, rising lonely and weathered in the midst of rolling grasslands without a road or building to be seen as far as the eye can scan. Built by dwarves 5, 000 years ago to link the now-ruined Halls of the Hunting Axe with forgotten dwarven holds, it's a lonely reminder of ancient days. The Bridge was built to span the broadest imaginable spring flood of the Dessarin. It rises in a great arc, without supporting pillars, some two miles in length and 100 feet wide, reaching a
    height of 400 feet above the waters of the river (at normal flow). Equally impressive are the four pylonlike sculptures, two flanking each end of the bridge, that rise 500 feet above the valley. Each weathered pylon depicts a grim, dwarven warrior
    waiting and watching. The dwarves explain the awesome size of the bridge and its continued survival, despite armies clashing on it and mages hurling mighty spells to and from it over the centuries, to the fact that it is a temple to the dwarven god Moradin the Soulforger. It's true that some pious dwarves do make pilgrimages
    there, and at least once in times of darkness for the dwarves, Moradin appeared on the bridge. Local legend even claims that Moradin, when banished to FaerŻn during the Time of Troubles, stood guard on the Stone Bridge, barring the passage of a number of evil avatars who sought to reach the Celestial Stairway at Waterdeep and cause mischief along the way.

    House of Stone - To the east of the Ardeep Forest is a huge, square tower built over a millennia ago by dwarves under the charge of Turgo Ironfist. The citadel was established to help defend what is now known as the Fallen Kingdom against tribes of attacking orcs, hobgoblins, bugbears, and troll. The dwarves excavated huge, multi-leveled storage granaries out or the rock and built above them a fortress cunningly crafted of fitted stones. The fortress came to be known as the House of Stone after an old
    childrenís rhyme.

    Dungeon of Death - This ruined dwarfhold is not lightly named. Many believe the ruins are cursed, for the dungeon depths demand a toll of blood and lives from those who pry into its secrets it's a rare adventuring band who returns with all members breathing. The upper levels, the old habitats, open onto a deep lava bubble. The bubble is deep and even the dwarves never delved to its greatest depths.

    Dungeon of the Ruins - Unlike most ancient dwarfholds, this ruin is primarily above
    ground. Passing barbarian hunters have noted great froglike forms dancing around huge pyres amid the ruins.

    Gauntlgrym - Gauntlgrym is a large, underground city built by the dwarves of
    Delzoun for men in the early years of an amicable existence of dwarves, elves, and men in the North (long before the Fallen Kingdom). Itís now abandoned and holds great riches. All who hear the ballads and tales know of Gauntlgrym, but the precise
    location of this treasure trove is lost. Even the dwarves know only that it lies north of the Dessarin and its tributaries, near the valley of Khedrun.

    Southkrypt Garden - This abandoned dwarfhold is the air of strange and dangerous creatures.

    Delzoun - Over 3000 years ago dwarven clans united as the nation of Delzoun, named for the dwarf who forged the union. The nation, existing primarily underground, extended from the Ice Mountains to the Nether
    Mountains. Silver Moon Pass was its western border and the Narrow Sea its eastern shore. the once-majestic dwarven stronghold of Delzoun
    fell upon hard days. Then the orcs struck. Orcs have always
    been foes in the North, surging out of their holes every
    few tens of generations when their normal haunts can no
    longer support their burgeoning numbers. This time they
    charged out of their caverns in the Spine of the World, poured
    out of abandoned mines in the Graypeaks, screamed out of lost
    dwarfholds in the Ice Mountains, raged forth from crypt complexes
    in the Nether Mountains, and stormed upward from the
    bowels of the High Moon Mountains. Never before or since
    has there been such an outpouring of orcs.
    Delzoun crumbled before this onslaught and was driven in
    on itself.

    Mines of KlšngdenstŁrm - Several dwarven generations ago, the dwarven city of KlšngdenstŁrm, located deep in the Greypeaks, operated a mithril mine several miles away from the main city. Not only was it a particularly abundant source of the rare metal, but it was also the only such mine to be found for hundreds of miles. The dwarves of KlšngdenstŁrm were therefore very protective of their mithril and guarded the mine with a battalion of dwarven soldiers and a cunning maze full of deadly traps. It has become nothing more than legend, and has never been found.

    Thorlin's Hall (The only other dwarven stead in the Greypeaks, located just north of the forgotten forest, The King has made reference to establishing contact with them again and forming an alliance)

    This is the myth of their city

    Long ago when the first Dwarves awoke and walked the earth, their mighty king;
    Thorlin, led them into the deep earth of the greatest mountains of the vast
    northern reaches. For a hundred years the Halls of Thorlin prospered. The
    mines rich in ore, the forges ever burning with life. As the grand kingdom of
    the Dwarves expanded, the need for more room arose. Thorlin at a venerable
    age of 430 led the Dwarves deeper into new and unexplored regions of their

    After serval months of mining in the outer regions, the mighty dwarves
    uncovered a great chamber piled with treasure. A top of this grand pile lie
    the remains of a ancient Red Wyrm.

    Their eyes filling with greed, Thorlin and his dwarves quickly started
    ransacking the dragons horde for its treasures. As the dwarves loaded their
    mine carts with the riches, the curse of the dragon was unleashed. A booming
    voice echoed from the stone walls of the cavern, "Fools, you take what is not
    rightfully yours. For this you shall all suffer my wraith...." At that
    instance the bones of the drake, now full of life, breathed searing flames of
    fire among Thorlin and his Dwarves. Many Dwarves were consumed by the flames
    and many more frozen with fear. Undaunted the venerable, battle hardened,
    Thorlin charged into battle, swinging his great adamantine battle axe.
    Impervious to the his own fatal wounds caused by the dragons breath,
    claws and massive maw, Thorlin, shattered the bones of the drake into pieces,
    As the life force of the undead dragon and Throlin waned , the dragon cast a
    mighty spell upon Thorlin, "Thorlin Broadaxe, you and your descendants shall
    never wield an edged weapon again." At that instance, Tholinís axe was riped
    from his hands by some magical force. Unarmed, Thorlin continued his attack.
    Smashing and shattering the drakes bone with his bare hands, Thorlin drove
    the life from the undead creature. The dragon roared in rage as its life left
    its remains and Thorlin fell to the chamber floor mortally wounded. A few
    hours later the Dwarf king passed the land of the living. The remaining
    members of the king's party carried their king and his axe back to their
    halls. Their king was buried in his great hall and the dragons chamber
    sealed forever. Thorlin's great axe was hung in highest honor in Thorlin's
    Hall of Honor and has remain there for over a thousand years until today...

    To this day the directly descendant of Thorlin can not carry edged weapons.
    In his honor many dwarves carry a miniature battle axe around their neck, a
    symbol to their first and greatest king.
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    Here are two examples of some of my previous players personal histories (one being a duergar and he might even come here if I decide on running it. I apologize about the spelling or grammer, it was for TT so most was spoken and known)

    Osk Verbain (Duergar and Preist of Dumathoin)
    the red shield, the wise one of the Silent Keeper, thane of clan adamantine shield, Hand of the bull, finder of veins, defender of the fallen, protector of secret, Hero of loud water, persuader of trees, Emissary of the fellowship of Loudwater, crusader for the winged ones and the maul of Uerythtar

    Personal History and rumours -

    Iíve seen how they look at me either with fear or mistrust for some of my evil brethren but without the dark there could never be light. It quite a simple theory but its application is universally valid. I try to help this balance of Dumathoin and I donít follow to a tee. I donít think that the point but I can make my stand when needed. I have no problem doing evil or good for gain of Dumanthoin and ultimately myself.

    My life has been mine to choose even that I had predetermined path of clergy chosen for me. I took what life gave me and made my own. When most people think Dumathoin they think death but that just half the story because there is no death without life. I protect that part of it. The High priest husbandsí twin brother Vindarg Vyrn thought me that. He took me under his arm and shows the deep wondrous place and the mountain and the good people who show no judgments upon my race who mine it. I learned a lot from my mentor about this world as he told me story of his adventure all my life. They always thought me about following my heart, my maul and, my dreams. The power of adventure is something that needs to be done to spread your ideas to any one you help or any one you hinder. The most important story he tell is not with words but with his action and how he gave up his life as a rover to help protect the life as a miner. We all equals down in the mine because with out trust come certain despair for many brave souls. We would gladly die for success of our home and our king. Iím the protector of mine. My duty is to help with Dumathoin dream of beauty in the mountain and to help with miners woes. This is path that Iíve chosen and my early years and I was content with its tasks. I love to feel the earth upon my pick as I suspended 145 feet down and a cave using my power to find a new source of ore. I have used Dumathoin eyes to find three new successful locations of iron, brass and gold. My find help show me the balance when my gold location cave in killing 45 miners. I lost many Friend and my innocents with that cave in. I have constant thought that it was my fault and I do not show my pride as much when I do well in the mine. I think the reality of death came clear when we did not find all the body of the fallen. I still dig there through all the debris hoping to show the lost seven there path on home. I built a memorial tomb there in their memory at first it started with 12 missing but over the last 9 year I found five remains of the fallen. I gain the title guardian of the fallen with my countless devotion with this cause. I never understand why I was given this title because all my life I protected life not death but maybe one day I be know as osk the guardian of the living. I think one thing that makes more stand out in my faith is burial items. I stand out because I believe they should be used to protect living not just gathering dust. I get some weird look because of this view in my faith. This has marked me low on the power system but I donít mind because it allows me a little more freedom. I like that I know that I will never hold a position of power in my faith because the hierarchy dose not represent what important to Dumathoin. I think because of this is why I was volunteer to by church to be put in the group to adventure. Iíve heard a rumor that why the king choose me for this group. The next chapter of my life is beginning and I hope I can make Dumathoin, my friends, and my mentor proud.

    Vindarg told me a story about my family that was passed down from many ears. Many years ago before Uerythtar creation my clan was fighting great evil from deep belly of the earth. It was an uphill fight and we were loosing and slowly pushed closer to the surface but with a high priest Dumathoin final action of having his power put into a mighty maul. That was given to my people champion who pushed back the forces for a hundred year. It was passed on to champion to champion until one day the champion and the maul disappeared. This maul has the soul of the first Verbain Priest what has been said to be Vindarg.

    Orin Garrik (Mountain Dwarf, Priest of Vergadain)
    The Merchant of the Gods, Forged in Vergadain's Gold, whom valiantly defended Loudwater, Hand of the Bull, Member of the Clan Golden Beard, savior of Verdamier, and the Coin of Uerythtar.

    Familial Lineage and history -

    The Garrik family has 2 branches descending from a long line of valiant dwarves. Visk Garrik was the begger of this family. The family once had a single path of dwarven brethren and they all followed the same belief system. They were very not very honorable dwarves. They were very dark and were surely on the path to Abbathors greed, as it slowly possessed many members of the clan, there was some light a shimmer of hope. Ricktur Garrik was able to save a few members and broke off from the main family branch. Under the teachings of Vergadain, Ricktur was able to pull several members far away from Abbathor. They then left their mountain stead to find a better sanctuary and hide from the now angry main branch. As they left The mountain stead they destroyed the entrance and left it in ruins they didn't want this hate and greed to corrupt the world outside. They headed south to the sunset peaks where they heard of a great city Uerythtar but soon after their arrival in the kingdom Uerythtar was sealed off from the rest of the world as well. Ricktur and his wife Thenu made this place their new home but during this time not many dwarfs in this stead knew nothing of Vergidain so they established a small shrine to him ear the sealed of entrance of Uerythtar.
    Family lineage
    -1st gen-
    Visk -the first known of the clan(as well as first to fall under corruption)
    Ata -His wife(priestess of Abbathor whom corrupted him)
    Tinor -younger brother of Visk
    -2nd gen-
    Ranth-First son of Visk and Ata(secretly taught the ways of abbathor by mother)
    Thnor-Second son of Visk and Ata(viewed as unworthy by his father was cast aside)
    Rengur-Son of Tinor(rebelled with ricktur but was killed by Visk)
    Ricktur-Son of Tinor( able to escape the Mountain stead with family and a few other untainted by Abbathor)
    -On their journey to find a knew home they slayed a entire grouping of ettin including a warlord.
    Raala-Wife to Ricktur
    -3rd gen-
    Verdameir--Son of Ricktur and Raala(eldest son)
    Tirmaar-Son of Ricktur and Raala(youngest)
    -4th gen-
    Thual&Seria-Twin brother and sister(younger)
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