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New York
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30 miles
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Friday, Sunday
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Afternoons, Evenings
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Weekly - 2 games per week
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Fantasy, Modern, Strategic (Miniatures), Super Heroic
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Marvel Super Heroes (any), Spycraft, Dungeons & Dragons 3.5,
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50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
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Medium Groups (Between 4 and 6 players)
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Figured it was Time for a update.

Long Time established Marvel Supers Campaign is now seeking to recruit new players of Super heroes rpg'ing in the "Dark reign" era. group should be between 5 - 7 players. will discuss setting parameters once group meets.

Also Seeking to fill available slot for my alternate Sunday evening D&D group. it's a rather lage group (7 currently), but every character receives a spotlight per session, so noone is left out.

Also currently seeking one more player for Friday evening 3.5 D&D campaign, (notably a magic user and secondary front line fighter) that prefers friendly,laid back, casual players with some to no real experience needed. must like a lil humor in thier adventuring as well.

Sunday group seeking rogue and/or ranger to join in on Sunday night gaming group as well, who doesn't mind medium role playing and heavy action in their campaigns. casual atmoshere, light humor.

all Campaigns start @ 5pm runs until 10pm
we generally chip in with food, and take a 30 min break between sessions.

if interested, leave a message here. or contact me via my email:
thanks. looking forward to hearing from you.
About Me
i've been GM'ing for 27 years now (playing for about 32), played about many different rpg's, my Phoenix Flight campaign has been in existence for now 27 years! I'm a late bloomer in D&D, but find 3.5 to be my favorite.

Phoenix Flight is a concept devised by the Hero Stormknight to be a first strike unit capable of dealing with any crisis before they happen...The original team Headquarters was a Latervian Embassy in the Adirondack mountains once used by Doctor Victor Von Doom, who had donated it as part of a personal agreement between Stormknight (see STORMKNIGHT entry)and was renamed Fortress Phoenix. ( it was later destroyed in a massive attack by Advanced Idea Mechanics ( A.I.M.) , who wanted to seize all the Dr Doom built equipment themselves..)
The Team is currently using a old S.H.I.E.L.D safe house as a temporary headquarters. Recently, in battle with Ultron and the magically powered villains known as the Wrecking Crew, the one time Avenger Firestar and the mysterious vigilante known as Mighton, ( known now as Vendetta) has joined the team.In confronting Monarch on his orbiting base and detonating the Omega compound on it. the Team was seemingly destroyed..but recently Vixen and Sharpshooter has reappeared in New York City, the other members , if they have survived , are unknown. Recently the man called Visor has resurfaced , crossing paths with a revamped but unofficial group of Flight members investigating paranormal interdimentional voids that threaten to engulf the planet.
In the course of this investigation, it was discovered to be a plot set in motion by the sorcerers Baron Mordo and Umar, to plunge Earth into the Dark Dimension of Dormammu. With aid from earth's sorcerer supreme , Dr Strange, and the re- awakening of Hellraijor from his long dormant coma (see Hilario entry), this group successfully stopped this event from happening.
In it's aftermath however , these heroes has chosen to assemble under a new name..calling themselves the Guard. ( see Thread)
Recently, Stormknight has gathered a group of allies to combat a mysterious crime lord who has assembled A new incarnation of the Masters of Evil to help enforce his would be criminal activities. in its' aftermath this group has decided to band together as the new incarnation of Phoenix Flight. a new team has banded, with the hero Scion rejoining after a lengthy hiatus, and adding the superhumanly strong powerbomb to the team. and being sponsored by businessman Noah Alexander, thru his company, Knightwatch Inc, a corporate security company.

In the course of investigating, an event was triggered , washing the world in white...which eventually was revealed to be the malevolent subprogram known as O.M.N.I in her failed attempt to "reboot" the world in her image. In the process, Scion had her "memory" programmed into the computers of the Complex (Phoenix Flight's base at the time), to contain her.

During the event known as the "Civil War", the complex was destroyed by S.H.I.E.L.D in a failed attempt to secure the program and capture the team (being set up by the team's associate and pilot, "frenchie" Duchamp). during this period, the team choose to resist registering with the government sponsored "Superhuman Registration Act", often clashing with forces under control of Iron Man.

In the team's aftermath in this event, Dr. Walter Newell (also known as the adventurer called Stingray), struck a business proposition with Noah McNeil (Stormknight) - Knightwatch's funding for a top secret undersea project for arranging a new team headquarters for Phoenix Flight at Newell research facility..Hydrobase.

The team has faced harsh and unexpected changes in recent times.

After establishing the team at it's new location, it was immediately revealed that Counterpoint, was a deep seeded operative working for the National Security Administration (NSA), who wanted to subvert the team for it's own ends.

At this time Stormknight, had also discovered that two Phoenix associate, Frenchie Duchamp and Diane Newell, wife of the team's ally Stingray, was in fact deep scouts for the invading army of alien shape shifters known as the Skrulls, who had intended to use the artificial island as a staging locale for a expanded strike. and deployment locale for Skrull Nega-bombs
to strike various location on earth.
Armed with this information, Stormknight had chosen to go underground, aiding various counter-offensives.

It was at this event Vyxen and Titanium Knight had sacrificed themselves in repelling the invaders , using the Skrulls own nega-bomb in destroying the skrull war cruiser used to attack the island. in the aftermath, Counterpoint , dismayed at the loss of his friends, choose to leave the team.

At this time the team is loosely intact....but in the wake of actions set by Norman Osbourne, leader of the Avengers, and head of H.A.M.M.E.R., Stormknight has attempted to reform the team....


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