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About Dra8er

Basic Information

Badges and Icons
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Union Springs
New York
United States
Willing to Travel:
50 miles
Availability (Days):
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Availability (Times):
Afternoons, Evenings
Desired Gaming Frequency:
Weekly - Once per week
Gaming Preferences
Preferred Genres:
Dark Future, Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction / Futuristic, Space Opera, Strategic (Miniatures), Super Heroic
Favorite RPGs:
D&D, Shadowrun, OSRIC
Preferred Playing Style:
50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
Ideal Group Size:
No Preference
Online RPGs?:
What are you looking for?:
System Played / Edition / Setting: D&D, 4th Edition w/ that 1st Edition Feel, HomeBrew Realm & some house rules/variants (email me for a detailed description). I seek creative players!

Coming off summer hiatus and looking for a few players to add to the table!!! We will probably be starting some new material. Want to start October 2010 - 2 - 5hr sessions per month (Saturday or Sunday preferred).

Number of players wanted: Players Come & Go, All Are Welcome - even if you just want to sit & watch!

We currently have 4 Players & a DM (optimum would be 5 players, 6 or 7 work easily enough)

Age preference: Looking for Mature People, age is irrelevant!

Usual gaming day / time: Usually Every Other Saturday. From about 4 or 5 until 10? (or later). Session have gone on for much longer! We determine the date of the next session @ the end of every game.

Contact or CELL @ 3152466255

Misc: Role Playing w/ Great Atmosphere!

The campaign world was developed by 34 different people over the course of 20+ years. It is a well tested setting designed for the D&D game. Richly detailed areas along w/ tons of new area yet to be explored! We like to have fun & not take ourselves too seriously, its about creating a story together & sharing a fun enjoyable experience!!!

TON's of room f/ playing! I have a large home with dedicated gaming space, enormous sturdy tables & chairs. We use miniatures & props.
About Me

I am a big D&D player, love 1st ed, play a lot of OSRIC. Haven't "officially" switched from Home-Brew 3.5 to 4th ed yet, but plan on starting a campaign soon.
Play table-top & online.

I've played/GMed literally hundreds of games. Personal Favorites;

AD&D 1st ed
D&D Custom Home-Brew 3.5
Dark Sun
After the Bomb
HERO system
Iron Kingdoms
Ninja Burger
Mechwarrior (Battletech)

My Story
I've been writing my whole life -- ever since I was old enough to dictate stories to my mom so she could write them down.
When I was in fourth grade, my uncle Mark introduced me to the then-current Dungeons & Dragons game, (not to be confused with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons -- in this game you could play elven elves and dwarven dwarves) I never looked back.
I continued writing throughout elementary school, High School, and college. Even in my later years I would always be doodling something about my campaign world. I ran campaigns for group of friends off and on over the next two decades.

I have worked for, TSR, HASBRO, Necromancer Games, Privateer Press, I.C.E. (Iron Crown Enterprises).

I'm a part/full-time freelance writer, editor, game designer, and game developer. I own/operate my own small In-House print publishing company and development consulting firm.
I also work contractually for HASBRO as well as various other companies both large and small off & on.

I have taken my love affair hobby with games and branched out into the realm of video games, they need good story development as well. I have become involved in all aspects of product development, write timely reviews and articles for a couple of newspapers, magazines, and online media sources. As well as dabble in PC hardware and software.

I am also a Hard-Core Online PC gamer in my spare time. Devoting a lot of my free time to gaming and gaming communities. I even helped create a massive online gaming community,

Game & Design Philosophy
I took design at college for a year and a half. (I quit to be a full time writer and game developer.) While I was there, I gave quite a few lectures on my experience in gaming. Being so active in the world of gaming I had some ideas about what makes a game fun. I canít really go into it all in detail here, though, but I will say that everything comes down to choice. Choices are what make a game a game (as opposed to another form of media): the audience is actively involved in the experience. Choices in a game are best when they are interesting. (I have several criteria to determine whether or not a choice falls into that category.) If you have a game with interesting choices, youíre on the right track.
I have another idea. This idea is: All games (with the exception of solitary games) are excuses for people who like each other to get together and engage in a common activity, either online or getting together face to face.

Questions? Well if you have any or comments fire off an email or stop by my community forums and let me know.
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