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    I am looking for players and GMs to help us play test a new game system.
    We also need GMs that have a group that would like to play test our new system.
    This is a 2d10 system with a d20 achievement mechanic. The Magic System is completely customizable and is completely adaptable by ever character, on the fly.
    We will reward any group that play tests the GenIsys system. Contact us for details.
    We have a fully printed and bound Beta manual available for play testing.
    Contact Scott Stokes at 818-335-4120 or at
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DnD 3.5
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Never played in a setting before only DM or Home made stuff, but no preference.
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I just recently moved out to Roseville and know no one. I miss playing Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 and would love to find some people who play the same, but anything that can get me back into that table top rpg world would be great, and I learn fast. I have been playing D&D for nearly 13 years, and been DMing it for most of that time. If you need either a player or a DM I would love to get in contact and see what can work out. Joining a group or even trying to put one together from scratch using this site, I am down.

I own many if not all the important 3.5 books in pdf form and hard copy. Must be nearly 30+ books and have many materials I can bring to the table if needed. I generally like games where players work together with not much if any player vs player actions. I have played in many groups and have met people from this site a couple times as I have moved around the US. I am very adaptive to house rules and well versed in 3.5. Looking forward to rolling some dice again!
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As mentioned before D&D 3.5 is my main love. Through out my pen and paper gaming life I have played D&D 2nd and up till 4th, Shadowrun, Rifts, a little of Buffy/Angel, and even DBZ. But I wouldn't remember much of other games other than 3.5 just to mention, but I am open to playing anything and learning new stuff and hopefully make some friends in the process. I have played quite a bit with miniatures as well and have some of my own painted ones, not to get too deep lol. Generally I am organized, punctual, been doing this along time to say the least.

I enjoy Playing and DMing, and I don't mind DMing if others shy away from it. My DM style is very player driven, make sure things are balanced to a point and everyone gets to use their character to their potential and have a good time, get loot, xp, enjoy a hopefully good story with big plot moments and battles thrown in, sometimes busting out the miniatures for a big fight when able, mixing it up with puzzles from time to time whatever it may, striving to have a good game.

Alittle about me if interested, grew up in southern California around LA. Playing video games and digesting fantasy and comics and pop culture through out life, I tried to be a musician at one point, tried to be a writer at some point, and am neither of those things now lol. A big fan of The Walking Dead, computer games, podcasts, movies and tv, you know I'm a indoor kid for sure. Though have role played outside by camp fire plenty.

Hope to find some good times.


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