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    Hey there! We've got a group that currently plays 2 different campaigns, one on Tuesdays and one on Thursdays. We play at Game Empire on Clairement Mesa. We use 4e and are currently looking for 1 or 2 new players to join in one or both of the campaigns.
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San Diego
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50 miles
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Dungeons & Dragons
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Generic, Eberron, Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance
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We have a kick ass group of fun and flexible players. There's 6 of us total but not all can make every session and we are looking for at least one more solid player. We have created a Known Realm that allows us to run nearly any D&D setting off it,and whereby two DMs can run different campaigns within one setting and one overall campaign arc. Others are just players but there's spots to DM when interested. We work our way through the campaign world playing either 1e, 2e or 4e depending on the group or DM. It's a very accomodating, mature but hilarious group and we are always looking for likeminded players. We've got everything from Dungeon Crawls to Town Intrigue to Wilderness cycles. Best part is there is lots of set up for story, and whether it's hack and slash or full of espionage in town, it all matters for story and your characters. Hit me up an email to and I'll send you our updated character folio and adventures summary to date. As we build the campaign world we intend to go all the way to become legendary heroes, saving the world one Alehouse at a time. There are no rule lawyers in the bunch and novice or experts are equally welcome provided the person is open minded, willing to work democratically and understand that some of us actually have wives and kids. Two of our players recently had to move out of state,so we keep a thread going on Fantasy Grounds that intertwines with our table top game from time to time. Hard to explain but fun. N
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I've played and run games in all editions. I believe a great campaign is cinematic in scope, creating a sense of purpose and threat. I like to bring in pop culture elements, creative scenarios, NPCs and adventures that feature strategy and team work. I played in high school and took a break from the game to actually get a girlfriend and then came back to it after I realized it was way cooler than online stuff. Jestre,a player and co-Dm is familiar with all editions as well and really thinks outside the box as he's a Pathfinder vet. Together, we are building a world based around the whims and actions of the PCs while also keeping an overall story arc, growing setting and end of days events with plenty of NPCs and baddies. We wholeheartedly believe that 4e is broke in some instances like spellbooks and the amount of hit points so we adjust it to run quicker. To give a more cinematic feel, we transfer characters over to 2e from time to time which is a more threatening feel to the game. Currently, we have several arcs at 15th level, 11th and 2nd level. Find out the basics of our campaign in Forums under the title "A Light in the Darkness" or hit me up for a campaign summary on email.


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