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    Still looking for gaming in the area? I am three weeks new in Portland but according to our profiles we do not live that far apart. I have played lots of NWoD variants and things set in the Exalted universe, as well as old school things like Cthulhu. If you are looking to set up or have a group let me know at azurebluu@gmail.com
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    And no--the only thing I've ever really played is like....one session of Exalted, and maybe two or three of W:tF. Never actually gotten to finish anything. v.v;
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    Oh, Werewolf? The Forsaken--ya? Sure--We're both down for that. ^^
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    Heck yes! Sounds great! What Edition of DnD? 3.5 or 4?
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30 miles
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
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Weekly - Once per week
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Dark Future, Horror, Modern, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction / Futuristic, Space Opera
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Shadowrun, World of Darkness(Any), Star Wars
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Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, Dark Sun, Planescape, World of Darkness
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50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
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No Preference
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I'm into World of Darkness and Shadowrun currently, but looking through the various other systems out there. Star Wars is currently one I'm looking at via the core rulebook, Saga Edition. I like plenty of action, but also enjoy a bit of RP'ing along with it, mysteries, intrigue, the more complex the storytelling, the happier I am.
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by TaiRei on 04-15-2010 at 06:36 PM
About to head out to my FLGS and pick up yet another rule book, and maybe look at some dice bags. Its been a busy week, since spring term is in full swing now I have to get into that groove of doing homework and taking quizzes. Once I've got my cycle down I have no problem with the workload.

On the gaming side, I'm GM'ing a W:tF game on the boards here titled 'A Den of Rage'. Still in recruitment phase, but getting there. Locally, my House Games group is entertaining as always. Since

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Writing and stuff

by TaiRei on 04-08-2010 at 11:19 PM
Because I'm taking a writing class right now I really don't feel like posting much. I hate that. I have to write an essay a week plus the 3 graded essays for the class itself. Blargh. Teach says to mix up the sentence structure a bit to make things more exciting. I say, bah! It seems I'm doing alright so far. The teacher has responded to my discussion posts on our website saying that my style is 'superior' so I guess that's a good thing? It may or may not be. He might have higher expectations of

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Spring Term

by TaiRei on 04-05-2010 at 08:05 PM
Well, spring term started last week and now I'm taking another writing class, which is annoying cause I have to figure out grammar again and I hate doing that(run on sentence anybody?). Our class focus will be Alternative Media, our first essay is to choose a topic from the Infowars website and read an article on there we find interesting a couple of time then lay down our thoughts about it. In order to quote facts, we need to find a second article from another site talking about the same subject.

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College , Life

Long live Saga!

by TaiRei on 02-04-2010 at 04:45 AM
It was an ordinary day, much like other days. I got up, showered, shaved, brushed my teeth and walked into the kitchen to brew some espresso. Naturally, I switch on my laptop and go skimming my usual news sites(mostly gaming related, hee), everything seemed normal enough, so I glanced over at the espresso machine and began to make my way over there when something caught my eye. It was a news item about Star Wars Saga Edition. I stopped, went back to my laptop and clicked it open.


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Life , Games

Darker than Black

by TaiRei on 01-14-2010 at 05:40 AM
Just finished watching Season One of Darker than Black and I've gotta say I might have a new favorite anime here.

The story is set in the near future where a secret group of people known as contractors run around behind the scenes and the general public have no idea they exist. The governments, of course, do know they exist and exploit their special abilities.

These abilities come at a cost, known as Renumeration. Say a contractor uses his/her ability, whatever it may be,

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