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  • tesral's Avatar
    02-04-2015, 03:48 AM
    I suppose I should elaborate. 3:35 AM is likely a lousy time to do it. But it never stopped me before. First you need to define "romance". Are we taking the normal interplay of men and women seeking love? The overblown drama of a bodice ripper? Or vising the brothel for a bit? Simple, I...
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  • tesral's Avatar
    02-03-2015, 02:03 PM
    tesral replied to a thread [Campaigns / Adventures] Twelve Worlds Setting in Campaign Resources
    The link is fixed. Enjoy,.
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  • tesral's Avatar
    01-29-2015, 01:02 PM
    Something tells me it's a problem. Phone pile. All the phones in the middle of the table. First person to reach for one before the game is called pays for the pizza.
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  • tesral's Avatar
    01-29-2015, 12:57 PM
    Eastern culture is pretty blood soaked too. Actions have consequences. I have always played that way. If you want a low/no combat game you neeed to offer appropriate conflicts. 40 Orcs with swords are not the deal. You also need to offer your players a satsifying means for resolving...
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  • tesral's Avatar
    01-28-2015, 02:50 PM
    tesral started a thread [Campaigns / Adventures] Twelve Worlds Setting in Campaign Resources
    The Twelve Worlds Setting It kind of grabbed my brain, moved in, and set up shop. None of this existed two weeks ago, ships, logos, descriptions, none of it. In short an outline for a space fantasy game. Still plenty to do to make a real setting out of it.
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  • tesral's Avatar
    01-28-2015, 02:36 PM
    Role playing is a game, a game is a conflict. Ergo you cannot write conflict out of role playing games. If you don't have it you are writing poetry. Stories required conflict too. Now that said conflict can be resolved various ways. Combat isn't always the best. Yes, you can design and play...
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  • tesral's Avatar
    01-28-2015, 02:32 PM
    If your players want that sort of thing, all to the yes.
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  • tesral's Avatar
    01-28-2015, 02:30 PM
    Tools are as useful as you make them. Too much reliance on a given tool can flavor things and not always well. I'm all in favor of anything that make the mechanics of the game run more smoothly and not in favor it if gets i n the way. If index cards speed things up for you, do it. If a spell...
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  • tesral's Avatar
    01-28-2015, 02:22 PM
    The Ancient Greek aphorism "know thyself" Is I think one of the wisest ever. Once you have reached that you have a handle on everything. Congratulations on reaching the epiphany of knowing thy gaming self. Sadly it is the journey that no one can make for you. Now you can make progress...
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  • tesral's Avatar
    01-28-2015, 02:10 PM
    I would be concerned if it was best always wins circumstance. While yes it might for the way to bet the race is not always to the swift. If it is then why have a contest?
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United States of America
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20 miles
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Fantasy, Science Fiction / Futuristic, Space Opera
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D&D, Star Wars (any edition), Star Trek (Fasa, LUG)
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Forgotten Realms, Homebrew, any Star Wars or Star Trek setting
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50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
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Medium Groups (Between 4 and 6 players)
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A balanced blend of action/combat with role play/thinking.
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I've been gaming for 20+ years. First exposed to Basic DnD in '80, but didn't really play regularly until '89 when 2e DnD was released. Since that time I've played Fasa Star Trek, Champions, 2e/3e/4e DnD, Mage: The Ascension and Vampire: The Masquerade, a variety of d20 games, Masterbook, and Shadowrun 3e. When I first got into gaming, I gamed several times a week. Now that I'm in my mid 30s, I average somewhere between every other week to once every three weeks as my schedule allows. I'm currently feeling burn out with gaming, only due to the fact that I've essentially gamed with the same group of guys for most of the 20 years I've been gaming. It all feels very stale and I need newness.


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What happened to having a thick skin?!

by Dytrrnikl on 10-25-2010 at 08:39 PM
Maybe I'm old school in thought, however, Sascha's most recent blog, along with some other things that have struck a cord with me, really got me thinking about one simple question, "WHAT HAPPENED TO HAVING A THICK SKIN?!"

I was ridiculed mercilessly for living with my Grandmother while I was child, for having second hand clothing, for going through someone else's trash to find bike's to clean-up, cannibalize, and slap together just to have a bike. I got my ass kicked on an

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An Apology and Correction...

by Dytrrnikl on 10-06-2010 at 09:55 PM
First, to anyone who has read my Draining Magic blogs, I apologize, as I discovered to my dismay that in Part 2, I posted my system for an alternate spell casting system for which I have not worked out all of the bugs as of yet.

Here is what I came up with, something which has worked out well so far in the limited playtests I have done.

1. No more # of spells per level per day. Instead, each spellcasting class has a Maximum Spell Level Known. This is based upon the spell

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Draining Magic part 2...

by Dytrrnikl on 10-06-2010 at 09:02 AM
Ok, as I said previously, magic that ultiamtely has a draining effect on the caster has always resonated with me. Well, here is what I've created (hopefully original).

A few terms, used for convenience:
Spells - cover arcane and divine spells, as well as psionic powers.

Magic - covers arcane and divine magic, as well as psionics.

Caster - all classes that cast or manifest

First, a nod to 4E, as I seperate spells into quick and dirty spells

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Draining magic...

by Dytrrnikl on 10-04-2010 at 06:43 AM
Something I have been working on for awhile is modifying some mechanics in regards to magic - be it arcane, divine, or (for those of you that lump it all in one) psionics.

The Inspiration: Something that has always resonated with me in regards to magic, is that it is taxing in some fashion; that the human or demi-human body isn't truly capable of constantly handling the energies being channeled through or manipulated by the individual. Shadowrun had a nice drain mechanic to simulate

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Gaming Variety...

by Dytrrnikl on 09-05-2010 at 10:38 AM
When I first joined P&P, I was in the midst of gamer burn out looking for something - anything to reinvigorate my gaming passion. I'm the type of person, that probably over thinks things, and as is typical, have spent a good deal of time over the last year and half, trying to figure out why gaming just wasn't enjoyable for me. Recently, thanks to some insight from my wife - who happens to loathe the fact that I game, but figures if I enjoy it who is she to judge. She made mention that she's

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