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    If you are still looking for a few people head over to Most of the members of the site are in the Fort Worth area. Good player hunting!
  2. We are now looking for 2 -3 players. Some of the other members couldn't attend regularly enough so decided to leave the slots open for people who might be able too. We are playing 6:30 - 9:30 Sundays now, but tyhat can change in the future depending on schedules. Please PM interests.
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    when I saw your username, I thought you were a friend of mine, he also likes to use the moniker. the rest of it fit, too, but he's not a new DM, and he's not using stock adventures in his new 4e game...
    Anyway, if it's about a sixth player slot, the game is kind of big, especially if alot of people are new to the rules. I'd be interested but for how bust college keeps me.
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    I just read your request for another player. I have a tad bit of experience playing 4E, as I only played once. I love roleplay, I love the use of miniatures, I have years of experience being a DM, and I am not a rules monger, although I am more familiar with 3.5E than any other. I am also looking to get into a group and if another position opens up I would like to include my wife.
    Personally, I prefer 3.5E in the Forgotten Realms, but I am open for anything.
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Me and some buddies are attempting to reassemble a gaming group. We only finalized the decision yesterday, so the details aren't concrete just yet. However, we would like to recruit 1 more to fill out the 6th player slot. Currently I'm the only one that has experience in 4e, but most of the players have years of gaming experience.

The ideal candidate would be: someone whom loves to roleplay, we have a quirky, haphazard, and fun > serious slant to roleplaying. Someone that is willing to attempt to DM sometime in the future. Someone that bathes. Someone that can get a long with other people. Someone that can learn the rules in a timely manner, we're not rules nazis but general understanding of the rules makes games run much more smoothly. Lastly, someone that can, and will interact on an appropriate level. We are all mid-20s + one of the players is the father of another player, two of us have children, and while we don't mind being a bit goofy, or cussin' , we know how to use them as adults, and conduct ourselves as adults.

The game, it will be me DMing, It will be my first serious attempt at DMing. I'll be running through some of the stock intro 4e modules to start. Once we get the group off the ground and running, then we can make long term decisions on the edition if it needs to be changed, and/or the modules, world or theme to be played under.


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