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About Wulfenstien

Basic Information

United states
Willing to Travel:
5 miles
Availability (Days):
Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Availability (Times):
Afternoons, Evenings
Desired Gaming Frequency:
Weekly - 3 or more games per week
Gaming Preferences
Preferred Genres:
Dark Future, Fantasy, Horror, Modern, Post Apocalyptic, Strategic (Miniatures)
Favorite RPGs:
Shadowrun, Md20
Gaming Worlds:
Greyhawk for 3.5 and am interested in forgotten realms for 4.0
Preferred Playing Style:
50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
Ideal Group Size:
Medium Groups (Between 4 and 6 players)
Online RPGs?:
What are you looking for?:
Player: I prefer dark and gritty but have no Ultimate preference other than that the GM has some experience, and that both the gm and my fellow player's do take the game seriously. Though a good sense of humor with all party's is also a must. (Ive only had one successfull game with a new GM and he Was a Player of 8 years.) if your interested in having me as a player I usually fill the Dark and mysterios or the bold leader. 3.5 classes are Druid, Rouge, Ranger, BARBARIAN, fighter, Wizard, Warlock. I usually mix and match those. 4.0 Fighter play-test barbarian. I prefer 3.5 and am looking for a 2.0 group as well. I like interesting char's over power oriented ones. Not that my char's are impotent in battle quite the contrary. but I very much follow the "teacup mentality" if you ever seen chronicles of riddic you know what i mean.

GM: I have 4.6 years of 3.5 GM experience. I have GM'ed all types of players and am willing to GM for anyone but you will enjoy my GM'ing a great deal more if you like the following (and I will also enjoy being your GM more if you like the following.)

Dark and gritty: My two biggest influence's are Warhammer universe (including 40k) and Diablo universe. If you like either of those you will most likely enjoy my Gm style. Also I have no restriction on how you rp. If you wanna play a LG pally or a CE rouge be my guest.

Serious attitude: If you take your game seriously you will really enjoy my GM style though again I have stated warhammer is one
About Me
I Live in olympia and have been playing tabletop RPG's for about 5 years and DnD is certainly my favorite. Im 19 and a college student so dnd will naturally revolve around any future work and school. Gaming is my hobby as im sure its most of yours, everything for Cod4 to Dow to DnD. unfourtunatley most of my old groups have dispersed being that i was the Main GM (in fact the only) running 2-3 games and after I left for Israel they all fell apart and a good deal have them moved away or are in Iraq or dont play anymore ect. So I am looking for new people. I have always been a graph sheet player (no miniatures) and have my own dice and a vast 3.5 library so if you want to do miniatures ill have to barrow till i get my own. Im fairly open minded and level headed so anything will Do.

I have played Shadow run and DND 3.5 and 4.0 and MD20 seriously and that is it. I am Interested in 2.0 and that vampire Game looked interesting to.

Other n that Im a pretty nice guy. Moderate liberal, Jewish, pretty intelligent, Im into metal, Rock, Classical, hip-hop. I enjoy ambiance while playing and usually through on stuff like Midnight syndicate. Im a totall carnivore when it comes to snacks so ill be the first to suggest and through down for pizza or some other food, also got a bit of a sweet tooth for snack wise. I am by no means a straight arrow and enjoy drank and green smoke as much as the next gent but BY NO MEANS do I tolerate drugs outside Caffeine and or nicotine (smokers getta enjoy the fine northwestern weather though.) during a game. It is the telltale mark of a shitty game when someone shows up drunk or high. Maybe if we were playing wow but for DND state of mind is important.

Other n that i hope to be playing with u guys soon ^^


Its always a trap.


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