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  • Morashitar's Avatar
    01-29-2015, 09:16 PM
    What is your latest game designing project? How did you start your project? What ideas helped you with the project? If you have material to share let us see it if you like.
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    01-29-2015, 04:37 PM
    the conflict resolution mechanic? well, it is a tertiary mechanic in order to provide a method of resolving deadlocks and ties to the primary method, noetic combat. i have been recently contemplating making it a quaternary mechanic so as to provide a greater focus on the purposed intent of the...
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  • Morashitar's Avatar
    01-26-2015, 03:20 PM
    Yes I was thinking of a movie called "Stardust" and there was a druid that had to throw rocks up to foretell the future of a prince. Later the prince saw that it was a hoax as the druid was a spy for another prince (his brother). Funny movie but the ideas of throwing rocks or bones goes back to...
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  • Morashitar's Avatar
    01-26-2015, 09:10 AM
    Hi Falinxelote good to see you. Well let us see here. A lot of questions! What are your criteria for selecting a system? I personally enjoy reading the many different systems that have been published, but personally prefer to just make my own game system from scratch. Why? I think just...
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  • Morashitar's Avatar
    01-25-2015, 05:39 PM
    Great books to help create your world. The list will get larger as I read more books on the subject. Wonderbook - The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction by Jeff Vandermeer Writing Monsters - How to Craft Believably Terrifying Creatures to Enhance Your Horror, Fantasy, and...
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  • Morashitar's Avatar
    01-25-2015, 05:30 PM
  • Morashitar's Avatar
    01-25-2015, 05:21 PM
    I have also asked these questions in the past. The only way I would find out is by trying to host such a game. This is what I have learned from it so far. 1. Only host to a group that is genuinely interested in pacifism otherwise it will not work. 2. Keep the roleplayers occupied with...
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  • Morashitar's Avatar
    01-25-2015, 09:39 AM
    In my homebrew game I provide the possibility to live a peaceful life in a hard time. I show that one can contribute to society without having to be an adventurer killing monsters to protect a town. How? - start with an apprenticeship and have them build to be master of a skill to eventually own...
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    01-24-2015, 05:17 PM
    as to what i have so far, i now have exactly three rules, which rules even combined are so simple it is actually a diceless system. the first rule describes how to build a character. the second rule describes how traits work. the third rule describes how to resolve conflicts. without going...
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    01-23-2015, 04:53 PM
    hmmm. please go take a look at my rules-light game thread over in the independent/small press sub-forum, if you haven't already - and even if you have, please provide more feedback. on one paw, i've found that while i like having a large range of options available for a character, that does not...
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  • Morashitar's Avatar
    01-22-2015, 04:22 PM
    The important thing is you are having a great time with your hobby. Nothing else matters. Welcome back to the world of gaming fun. :)
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  • Morashitar's Avatar
    01-22-2015, 04:19 PM
    I have used Buddhism in a fantasy setting that rewards experience points to resolve conflicts not using violence as an alternative. The roleplayer can however, use self defense methods, but not violence to overcome an opponent. The experience was wonderful as the interested roleplayers used the...
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    01-18-2015, 09:17 PM
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  • Ashkor's Avatar
    01-13-2015, 05:18 PM
    I'm in
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    They make you silently vanish away.
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    Yes indeed. Lewis Carrol (pen name) Charles Lutwidge Dodgson when working as a mathematician, logician, and Anglican deacon.

    Remember some are boojums.
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    Might I recommned: The Hunting of the Snark
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    Dude ive been working and school man, i do show up here sometimes, how you been. Have you moved to that state yet ?
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    wsup , how have you been.
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    LOL, I tired to make mine look like an Empire Star Destroyer, but failed.
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    I love your availability! Can I steal that idea?
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    wow its been a while since you've been on. hope all is well.
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    Hey, thanks! I hadn't gotten any notification of this "Visitor Message" or I'd have said thanks sooner. :-)

    Btw, clever use of your "Typical Gaming/Event Availability" table. ;-)
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    Like your avalability
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Excerpt from EoC #2

by Soft Serve on 07-19-2009 at 09:27 PM
This is the death of the beloved Shaman "Scrat" who saves the parties life from the 3 20's I rolled in a row. (SERIOULS I ROLLED THREE!)

[Soft Serve] 8:07 pm: Scrat runs like hell across the slippery wooden deck, finds a spot where the
wood creaks, stops and says "did you hear that?" before falling through the deck 50ft to the lower
floor and getting impaled on sharp rocks that pierced through the boats hull when it crashed and got

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Zombie Apoc. Part 4.

by Soft Serve on 07-16-2009 at 07:15 PM
So hopefully you have read the first three parts leading to this one. If not then go ahead and read them. If you don't want to then...idc? Please rate this, or comment with opinions. I like critics. Oh and if you HAVE been reading...You thought he was dead didn't you? MUAHAHAHA.

I have never been knocked unconscious in my life, but since I've been to Canada it's happened twice. It's not a great feeling getting beaten until you can't see. So my left leg is broken, and everything hurts.

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Zombie Stories

Zombie Apoc. Part 3.

by Soft Serve on 07-16-2009 at 03:06 PM
Here is the 3rd bit to my Zombie Apoc. story. It has been a while, but I took the hint from how my second story is my only blog with rates...and it's 5-star...and it's still in the "Best Entries" Anyway if your gonna be lazy and just read this one instead of the first two then it's about a dude from Washington who went north to Canadia to camp with some friends, who in the panic of a zombie apocalypse, are either dead or missing. Enjoy, Comment, and Rate please. (So

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Zombie Stories

Starvin the Danger Gull

by Soft Serve on 07-11-2009 at 08:51 PM
We went to a beech in Mississippi today called "Gulfport". It was pretty alright except for the random sunburn on my arms and face but it's not so bad so I can deal.

My leg is feeling better after being thrown from my bike off a car.

And I think I owe this fine day to the 6 or 7 4-5- and 6 leaf clovers I brought with me today unknowingly. See my Necronomicon is what I used to press some clovers when I found them and thinking, "Warm sun, Perfect water, outside

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Daily Blogs

Zombie Apoc. Part 2.

by Soft Serve on 03-25-2009 at 05:15 AM
Continuing my last story. If you haven't read it then go do that. If you haven't read it and would rather be lazy then it's about a guy from Washington stuck in Canadian wilderness running from zombies. It's being written to look like it's him writing it down as a journal or log to be found incase something happens to him. So yeah...getting on with it.

Believe it or not I made it out of that forest. It took me three days of running and walking, but I finally made it

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Zombie Stories