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  1. Wow! You have sure lived a varied life! Do you ever miss the Marines? Back in the 1980s I applied for a reserve naval commission in naval intel. I moved after first applying, and the whole thing turned into a 4-year bureaucratic mess. One day out of the blue some new Petty Officer called to say that she was cleaning out the old CPO's desk after he retired, and found my commission, signed by President Reagan, behind a drawer, and asked if I still wanted it. By that time the navy had stopped allowing officers to wear beards, so between that and the bureaucratic nightmare, I turned it down, but I've often wondered what might have been if I'd accepted it. So what led a musician to the Marines of all places? I mean, I know they have musicians, but the discipline of the Marines seems at odds with the stereotype of the wild rock percussionist! Of course the percussionists I see at the symphony don't fit he stereotype either. :-)
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    After I finished my active duty time, I came back to PA and did get an Associates in Applied Science in Accounting degree. Unfortunately online classes were not an option back when I was at Quantico. Prior to going into the Marines, I spent two semesters at Edinboro University of PA as a Music Performance major. I auditioned and was accepted into the Marine Band field. My MOS was 5563, a percussionist. I can play drums and all the other stuff too. At both units that I was stationed with, I was the Supply NCO. I have been working for the local Sears store for 17 years now. My official title it MCA (merchandise and customer assistance), but as one I am what is also known as an OOS (Out of Stock Specialist). Comes from running two unit supplies, I guess. I do still do some music with the Premier Choir at church, though.
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    Yes, Potomac Mills Mall was brand new when I was stationed there. I'm from PA. I had started to take an Accounting course on base through NOVA, but only got to attend the first three classes and the next one I got to make was the day of the mid-term exam. When I told the instructor that I had to be in different states at times with my unit, he did the paperwork that enabled me to withdraw from the class and be able to get half of my tuition back. Thing that burned me was that I had been told that there would be no problem in being able to attend the classes. After the third class, eventhough I had supplied them with my class schedule, I was slated to be doing something on everyone of the next classes until mid-terms.
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    No, I have been out of the Marines since October 1991. Was in the inactive reserve for almost 2 years after that. Once my inactive reserve time was up, I got my Honorable Discharge. Since I got some interest shown in my 2E campaign, I'm going to put some begining background info. up on it later today. Taking our 2 girls to the county fair today to see all the animals. And yes, the worst thing about that area down there is definately the rush hour traffic. Since I was not married while in the Corps, I lived on base, and didn't have to deal with it though.
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    Wow, just read the 2 teasers in the campaign invitation. A lot has taken place so far. Anyone joining your group should be sure to read this before begining to run a character, provided it is stated that the party fills them in on what has happened so far.
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    I am familiar with were you are located, due to spending 2 and 1/2 years stationed at the Quantico Marine Base. Unfortunately, I had not started gaming until after I was moved to the 2nd Marine Division down in North Carolina.
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November 29, 1960 (59)
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Dungeons and Dragons
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I enjoy Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms and Eberron
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I'm running a high-level 3.5 D&D campaign in my homebrew world. We play weekly on Saturday nights. We have a combination of plot, roleplaying and hack-and-slash. We're looking for one or two adult players who enjoy playing good-aligned characters.

I wouldn't mind joining a group myself, if I can squeeze it in. :-)
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Right now I'm just running my own campaign, which I've been running for 12 years. I've been running my campaign world for the past 30 years. I've played in many D&D games from original D&D (little white boxed set) through 1st, 2nd and 3rd Ed (including 3.5). I've played in many homebrew worlds as well as Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, Eberron and a homebrew/Birthright amalgam. I've also played Star Wars d20.

I used to be an avid wargamer too, playing games like Third Reich, Panzer Leader, Star Fleet Battles, and even Civilization and Risk.


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