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    Welcome to pen and paper games. Hope that this site is everything that you are looking for. Hope to see you in the forums soon.
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About Greyman1972

Basic Information

Willing to Travel:
10 miles
Availability (Days):
Saturday, Sunday
Availability (Times):
Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings
Desired Gaming Frequency:
Weekly - Once per week
Gaming Preferences
Preferred Genres:
Dark Future, Fantasy, Science Fiction / Futuristic, Space Opera, Super Heroic
Favorite RPGs:
Gurps, Dungeons and Dragons
Gaming Worlds:
Preferred Playing Style:
50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
Ideal Group Size:
Medium Groups (Between 4 and 6 players)
What are you looking for?:
I'm currently looking for 4-6 players over the age of 18 who are mature, I prefere people over 25 but I don't want to discriminate for younger people who act more mature than their age. I customize my games to the groups interests and am flexible. I prefere games on saturdays and/or sundays from noon to as late as 10 pm. Times are flexible.
I have some basic game rules that some people dislike, but I do enforce them.
1. Have Fun, it's only a game so don't take it serious.
2. No character versus character conflict. I found in the past that char v char conflicts are usually due to personal issues between players.
3. I am not a killer GM, I know that some people put a lot of time and energy in creating their characters and I wish to respect their time and effort. on the other hand, I do wish to present a challenge and if a character does die, I usually provide some way to bring them back unless a total party wipe occures.
4. Yes, NPC's can steal from characters as characters can steal from NPC's. it's not a one way street.
5. See rule number 1
About Me
I'm 35 and have been GMing until a couple years ago when my gaming group disbanded due to moving to other places and real life. I have been GMing since Jr High since it's hard finding a good GM. I believe in tailoring the adventures around the characters goals and desires while trying to provide a good story and a mix of action and role playing opportunities.
I will never claim to be the best GM in the world but my #1 rule is to have fun. I am not a killer GM, but I do let players kill themselves off for doing stupid things, IE, picking a fight with a lich that is willing to let them go because it amuses him to watch them struggle against his might.
I prefere Gurps for it's customization and role playing strength although the combat system is a bit slow, I have modified it to make it a bit faster playing.
I play DnD 4th because it is more "Traditional". I really enjoy the game balance and simplicity versus 3rd ed.
I am also working on a home brew game, a capless level based rpg game which incorporates flexability and customization with play balance. I am looking for feed back so I can streamline and improve it.


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