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    Hey... I think I hit you up before... but please bear with me... lol if you are still looking for a game let me know... i know you are a but far... but i have players that come from the valley and perhaps you can car pool... also I run a gambat of Campaigns... From D20 modern future and D&D 3.5... Not 4th wont touch the stuff. get at me...

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    We're currently looking to get a 3.5 game going but Camarillo might be a little far for you to drive. You can check out our game at Please let me know what you think via email to
    Best regards,
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    Welcome to the site, Bucketsgirl. While we are too far from each other to play I have seen a lot of players in your area. I wish you luck finding your gaming group.
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About bucketsgirl

Basic Information

Santa Clarita
United States of America
Willing to Travel:
20 miles
Availability (Days):
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Availability (Times):
Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings
Desired Gaming Frequency:
Weekly - Once per week
Gaming Preferences
Preferred Genres:
Fantasy, Science Fiction / Futuristic, Space Opera, Super Heroic
Favorite RPGs:
Dungeons and Dragons
Gaming Worlds:
No preference, will play in any, most experience is in GM-created worlds
Preferred Playing Style:
50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
Ideal Group Size:
Medium Groups (Between 4 and 6 players)
Online RPGs?:
What are you looking for?:
I prefer a good balance of "combat time" and "non-combat time" (ie: roleplaying, dealing with traps, exploring, etc). Nothing but hack-and-slash for four hours bores me. I like using my imagination sometimes, and I dislike being railroaded. I will generally follow the plot that the GM sets out, but if it starts to feel like I don't get to make any choices, I get unhappy.

I have only ever played in person, but I am willing to try online methods (if the GM is willing to be a little patient in the beginning, obviously).

I would prefer to find a Dungeons and Dragons group (3.5 or 4e).
About Me
I have played mostly Dungeons and Dragons (2nd and 3rd editions, although haven't played 2nd in quite some time). I purchased the 4th edition books and so far have read through the PH, but haven't yet had an opportunity to play it. My DnD gaming has mostly been in GM-created worlds, although I do have varying degrees of familiarity with the pre-created campaign worlds. I am willing to play in either. I have also played in White Wolf games.

For awhile I was playing once a week, but our GM joined the Navy and my playing has since because less regular, although still frequent. I have GMed before, but I usually prefer to be a player. I am willing to play up to once a week, perhaps occasionally more than once in a given week (but I work and go to college so more than that is not feasible on a regularly basis).

Message me for specific availability - I don't have a "9 to 5" job, and I attend college classes, so my schedule is somewhat unusual. My work schedule is "set", however, so it won't vary from week to week.


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