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    If any other players in the Portland, OR area are likewise looking for a dnd 4e group, let's form one ourselves. Let's see if we are a good fit. We can work out the details of Dm-ing duties, game hosting, etc as the group develops. Email me if you are interested.

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    Don't go to Doc4's game, he is in league with Vecna!

    Seriously, I know nothing about Doc4, I just thought that would be a funny post. I also have a game nearby in Carlton. I run Stargate SG1 on the First and Third Fridays of every month and run AD&D on the Second and Fourth Saturdays of every month.
    I am not quite as choosy as Doc4, but I am going to shamelessly steal his statement about looking for players that are between just out of college and one foot in the grave.

    Though since my game times don't conflict, you could always go to both!
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    Hello there, Zoomer. I saw you just registered and are not too far away, so I'm sending word if you are interested in a game I am starting up very soon.

    I am quite choosy about players, so if you're not interested or don't fit what we're looking for, no worries. But we're starting in a week or so to make characters, and I am still after one more solid and nice player.

    Below is the post for the game.


    Tom / Doc4

    I am a game master of some 25+ years of experience. I am currently starting up a live game in the Hillsboro, Oregon area. We will be using the GURPS role-playing system in a low-fantasy setting. Previous experience with the rule system is not required. Actually, no experience is a plus!

    The campaign will take place in a dangerous world built on the ruins of a fallen empire. Multiple city-states are fighting for control over the countryside while dark powers waiting in the ashes of old kingdoms gather their strength to rise once again.

    I am looking for mature players somewhere between "just out of college" and "one foot in the grave". The game time will be Sunday evenings from 5pm-10pm every other week and sometimes each week.

    My games put an emphasis on story first and foremost. Story and rich characters are key. Oh...well, don't forget fun. That's first. There will be plenty of exploration, politics and action, but the play's the thing.

    Again, I am looking for mature players able to commit to the game time. Players who emphasize a detailed character description and background are the type of folks I want to game with. Honesty and a fun attitude should be a given.

    Rules lawyers and competitive people need not apply. I am after sociable folk, who play well with others, who care more about the story and the part they play than min/maxing some combat rolls.

    If you are interested, please email me at, telling me a little bit about yourself, game experiences you like and character types you normally play or wish to try.

    As for the style of the setting, I envision it in the low-fantasy scale between Lankhmar and Conan. It will be based around a large, dangerous city and the region surrounding it. Magic is quite rare, fairly week but still draped in hatred and fear by the unwashed masses. Combat will be quite deadly. A thug with a knife should be pause for concern. An even 2 on 2 fight should be a very, dangerous challenge for the players. And three thugs against two players will most likely end with four dead bodies in the streets. So you'll have to choose your sides carefully, pick your fights and know when to run.

    Thank you,

    Tom / Doc4
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