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  • tesral's Avatar
    Today, 02:31 AM
    The ridged story arc I believe is an artifact of the ore-peropared module. By necessity they cannot be too free form. However GMs that grow up on this think that is how it should be done. Groups like the RPGA and Pathfinder Society do not help in the least as their games pretty much drag the...
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  • tesral's Avatar
    Today, 02:21 AM
    tesral replied to a thread Why Fantasy? in Fantasy Discussion
    My first speculative love was Star Trek. I found and read science fiction anthologies at school. Not so much into Fantasy per say. I read Lord of the Rings. You more or less were not allowed to leave the 70s until you did. My friends and I did role-playing before we had a system, the setting...
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  • tesral's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:54 PM
    The simplest method I have found is to mirror the PCs in the army they fight with. The better they win the better the margin of victory. They worse they lose likewise. For any battle I give each PC two or three hero fights. There section of the army fairs exactly as they do. Oh and the...
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  • tesral's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:50 PM
    Never do, protect the PCs from themsevles of each other that is. The right to fail is inherent in the game. Players that put their character on the sideline will find that character sidelined. The game is about going and doing, not sitting in the counting house.
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:00 PM
    so has anyone ever ran across a simplistic or simplify-able tactical system they would like to share or invent on the spot?
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:51 PM
    i used to hang out at animemuck a lot. still visit on occasion.
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:46 PM
    She shakes your hand, seemingly quite relieved. The two of you set off. Over the next day the town resolves into a sprawling mess of buildings, not really a city; it looks more like three or four small towns and maybe a village or two expanded and ran into each other, leaving oddly clumped open...
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:51 AM
    maybe I'm just spoiled by my experiences, but I wasn't really aware that there WAS another way to run a game other than let the players, you know, participate? shared game = shared creativity, or so I thought. sure, one person may be the driving force for a particular game or campaign, but it's...
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:28 AM
    nijineko replied to a thread Why Fantasy? in Fantasy Discussion
    well, I can't say I do fantasy gaming instead of any of the others.... for me the attraction is the same regardless of genre - posing an impossible (or implausible) problem, and then solving it within the context of given conceptual framework.
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  • tesral's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:49 AM
    I have noticed that the Fantasy campaign resources forum gets very little love. You go back four pages and you are back four years. Well there is some good stuff in those pages that doesn't get any attention anymore. To rectify that I have been posting in those forums to bump the material to...
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  • tesral's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:48 AM
    tesral started a thread Why Fantasy? in Fantasy Discussion
    Why do you do fantasy gaming say instead of modern or science fiction? What about fantasy attracts you?
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  • tesral's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:42 AM
    tesral replied to a thread [DM / Player Tools] It's the Law in Campaign Resources
    I've run into mote than few such examples including a few that were horrified and even insulted that their PCs might have to pay consequences for their actions. How dare my game have cause and effect.
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  • tesral's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:39 AM
    tesral replied to a thread [Gear (General)] Deceptively useless Magical "Artifacts" in Campaign Resources
    Useless items are only useless to those without imagination,
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  • tesral's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:37 AM
    tesral replied to a thread [DM / Player Tools] More Books in Campaign Resources
    Revenge of the Necrothredmancer
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  • tesral's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:31 AM
    tesral replied to a thread [Gear (General)] My art objects list. in Campaign Resources
    Return of the Necrothreadmancer
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  • tesral's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:28 AM
    tesral replied to a thread [Bestiary] Tanuki -- Races of Thindacarulle in Campaign Resources
    Rise of the Necrothreadmancer
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  • tesral's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:26 AM
    tesral replied to a thread [Campaigns / Adventures] The Stacks in Campaign Resources
    Dawn of the The Necrothreadmancer
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  • tesral's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:16 AM
    tesral replied to a thread [Campaigns / Adventures] A few Rooms. in Campaign Resources
    Return of the necrothreadmancer
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  • tesral's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 11:21 PM
    tesral replied to a thread [DM / Player Tools] Appendix B -- Other Classes in Campaign Resources
    Goulliess and ghosties and necrothreadmancers oh MY!
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  • tesral's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 11:19 PM
    tesral replied to a thread [Bestiary] Gaming the Horse in Campaign Resources
    The necrothreadmancer strikes again. Just rrying to get this stuff back to the top form new people to see.
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 11:05 PM
    nijineko replied to a thread [Gear (General)] Deceptively useless Magical "Artifacts" in Campaign Resources
    that would have been a most desirable item in this one game of robotech that i recall....
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 10:59 PM
    nijineko replied to a thread [DM / Player Tools] It's the Law in Campaign Resources
    it saddens me how many players seemed shocked by natural consequences to their actions... actually that happens a lot in real life too, now that i contemplate it a bit.
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 10:50 PM
    Init: Prii, Oo, Ii, Aa Will: Prii, Oo, Ii, Aa There may be conditional modifiers depending on the nature of stuff.
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 10:16 PM
    Tala is out of magic 3rd and above, but i think everyone is still decent on health. and her highness? last i recall she was seriously grousing about not getting to have some clobberin' time.
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  • tesral's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 03:27 PM
    You can lead a horse to water as the saying goes. I have one friend that had a bunch of passive aggressive players with a tendency to derail her game. She tried to make a system that was "player proof" Much like your friend. It is called a novel. If you have a way that an encounter must...
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 09:08 AM
    nijineko created a blog entry Rule of Yes in nijineko's world
    In my various campaign rules postings, I have listed my preferences as a GM. However, I would like it explicitly stated that I believe in the Rule of Yes: if it is not forbidden or defined, it's allowable; and even if it is forbidden and/or defined, we can discuss a workaround... - and am willing...
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 09:03 AM
    ummm, i think that is a dm fault, not a system fault. my 3.x games have always defaulted to the rule of yes. and whenever they haven't, it was because of the DM. now, is 3.x a "good" system by your last bit of criteria there? 3.x does make mention of using the rules to enable the players, but the...
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  • tesral's Avatar
    10-27-2014, 08:58 AM
    tesral replied to a thread [DM / Player Tools] It's the Law in Campaign Resources
    Well it is. Theft, assault and perhaps battery. The usual definition of an Honest Thief is one that steals without violence or fraud. Depending on the culture some theft is considered worse than others.
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  • tesral's Avatar
    10-26-2014, 12:25 PM
    tesral replied to a thread NaNoWriMo 2014 in Off Topic
    I approve of it, but I'm too busy writing to participate.
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    hey have you ever ran hackmaster 4ed
    my group split and the dm that was running our game stuck with the other guys and were looking for someone with experience with 2nd ed. d&d or hackmaster i have all the supplements but i just started playin about 9 months ago and i havent even began to learn to dm there is about 4 of us that were playing and left
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    Hey, I'm looking for players. Check out my profile, and if our game looks good to you, write me back. Thanks,

    Jeremi (elfinn3)
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    Don't know ya but Just had to give ya props for the SIG Any fan of the Whedonverse and the Butcherverse gets a thumbs up!
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    Hello again, on chat if you want to talk, hope to speak with ya soon
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    Hey Webhead, I wanted to thank you for your friendship. I know my actions on this board have been looked at badly as of late, but I hope you know that you were my first friend and a guy that's post I've always looked forward to reading. You take care my friend and I wish you luck with all your games.
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    Hello again, in the chat room if you want to continue our discussion.
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    did you get my PM? just an inquiry
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    I wanted to say congratz on becoming a member of the GM panel.
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    Hey Congratulations on your new role as a GM Adviser! I'm Jealous! I know you will do well my friend!
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Sundered Skies: Session 7

by Webhead on 06-22-2009 at 12:56 AM
And so the battle continues aboard the Firefly as her crew fight desperately against the well-trained and well-equipped Elven forces. The Elf captain is gravely wounded by some focused fire. After being enraged by a sudden backlash of his untamed magical energies, Adrian lashes out and kills him by crushing his head with his last ounce of arcane power. Thanks to a fantastically lucky shot of the ballista by the ship's Master Gunner, Borlass, a harpoon severs the restraining rope on a catapault aboard

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Updated 06-22-2009 at 01:02 AM by Webhead


Sundered Skies: Session 6

by Webhead on 06-22-2009 at 12:19 AM
With their business arrangement concluded, Captain Ia decides to do a few last bits of shopping in the Market Garden before returning to the ship. While doing so, she is approached by one of the Elven patrols who ask to speak with her. They inform of the discussion the temple priests had with one of her crewmen and that the Sheriff has asked that her and her crew remain confined to the docks during the remainder of their stay. They also insinuate that their presence is apparently unwelcome as it

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Sundered Skies: Session 5

by Webhead on 06-14-2009 at 11:01 PM
Three weeks into their travel across the endless Void, the Firefly comes across another ship heading in the opposite direction. As the ships close, the lookout discovers that the other ship is an orcish war raft, a raiding vessel built by lashing multiple ships together as one. The captain prepares her ship and crew for an attack but upon coming into close range, the war raft is revealed to made of only smaller ships and the orcs are detered by the apparent skill, armament and size of Firefly's

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Sundered Skies: Session 4

by Webhead on 06-14-2009 at 10:09 PM
This session became mostly a "planning/investigating/recovering" session.

The ship returned to Gateway and the first order of business was to return Allon's remains to Tomas who then rewarded them as promised and left to grieve. The Captain found buyers for their salvage and scrapped together the necessary money to make repairs to the ship. Adrian's fever broke and he came out of his coma shortly after arriving, learning subsequently of the attack upon the ship. The crew

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Updated 06-14-2009 at 11:07 PM by Webhead


Sundered Skies: Session 3

by Webhead on 06-14-2009 at 09:42 PM
Sorry for the lack of updates here recently. The Sundered Skies game is still going and I am about to post the missed adventures in rapid succession.

At the start of session 3, the crew had left the island crash-site having recovered the body of Tomas' son and learning the fate of his crew. The next day after setting sail for Gateway, the crew of the Firefly is drawn to a commotion on deck when a blinding flash of light is accompanied by a terrified scream which transforms into a

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