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  1. Not at this time. I'll post an invite when I'm ready
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    Do ya do any online Shadowrun?
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    Done! I've added the Shadowrun RSS feed back in.
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    Paranoia is one ageless piece of juicy goodness
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    That's the one with a robot/tank the size of a stadium if I remember right, right ?
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    Your signature makes me curious : how did you integrate the Alpha complex into Shadowrun ? Is it gonzo or creepy ?
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    Ok I am already a member of that site, I am going to go play with some people tonight from that group.
  8. Head out to That's the Denver RPG group. I ran Shadowrun last night (every other Wednesday) and run it on Sundays (again every other). We also have an All Flesh Must Be Eaten game, Eberron, and a 4th Ed DND game going that I know about. So feel free to drop in.
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    That sounds like a lot of fun just let me know when and where
  10. Well briefly but sure. And you should come on out to a game or two as well
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About Freejack

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More than 50 miles
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Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
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Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings
Desired Gaming Frequency:
Weekly - 2 games per week
Gaming Preferences
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Dark Future, Horror, Science Fiction / Futuristic, Strategic (Miniatures)
Favorite RPGs:
Shadowrun, Paranoia, Call of Cthulhu, All Flesh Must Be Eatn
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Alpha Complex, Shadowrun (Denver and Aztlan)
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75% Roleplaying / 25% Combat
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Medium Groups (Between 4 and 6 players)
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About Me
How to start. Hope you have a minute :)

I started gaming long long ago with family games like Battleship, Risk, Chess, Rack-O, and Pinochle. Then Dad brought home Avalon Hill's Outdoor Survival which was pretty cool. I got further into war games and got Richthofen's War which is one of my favorite wargames. Wooden Ships & Iron Men is another of my favorites. Other war games I got in to were Luftwaffe, Blitzkreig, and Kreigspiel.

About that time I joined the military. I went to the local military recreation center and played a few games of cards and even went to a war gaming convention where I did pretty well with Richthofen's War.

As it happens, one evening after finishing a game of double pack pinochle, I wandered over to another table where a group of folks were gathered around a map. Specifically I remember little periods in front of line drawings of city streets. At one end of the table was a thin yellow cardboard screen. Two the right of the screen, the guy had a large briefcase opened and on end. When I started to see what he had, he chased me away I didn't know it then but I suspect it was the original City State adventure.

After several games, I went out and bought the new D&D boxed set. Blue book, Dungeon Geomorphs, and the Monster and Treasure tables. I created some dungeons using the geomorphs and populated them with the monsters and treasures from the tables.

About that time I was transferred to Erlangen Germany. That was where I got fully into gaming. I played wargames with the gaming group and copied a bunch of articles from The Dragon magazines that were stashed in the group room.

I got a gaming group together and we played quite a lot of AD&D. I'd picked up the DMG (with the misprint so I had to send it back to get a replacement), Player's Handbook and Monster Manual. I also picked up lots of other interesting gaming books.

Once back in "The World", I got gaming again. AD&D. Car Wars. Cosmic Encounters. Talisman. Nuclear War. Tunnels and Trolls. I picked up modules and rules from other games. We organized into a club and with the help of the Rec Center staff, we hosted a couple of conventions.

When I got out of the military, I hooked up with a gaming group after we moved. I wrote the group newsletter and organized a get together with another AADA chapter.

The next time we moved, the gaming community was much lighter. I was able to get some games together but it didn't happen often. I got deeper into computer gaming. My friends at work and I got into LAN parties. First at work then at home. My last gaming group consisted of my older daughter's Rifts group. After burning and pillaging my gaming city and minor destruction in my home, I basically hung up my gear.

One good thing about gaming happened several years earlier after returning from Germany. I used computers to manage my games. I learned to program to create character generation and monitoring programs. I got a programming job after I got out of the military and then moved to LAN installation and administration. Novell, 3Com, Microsoft, Dos and OS/2. It's a big reason I moved into LAN parties. I already had a home network. I got into usenet and enjoyed using Mosaic to retrieve information from the new World Wide Web.

I downloaded Slackware Linux to floppy disks and mucked about with it. I changed jobs again from a Windows admin and became a Solaris Unix admin. Irix, AIX, HP-UX, Tru64, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Red Hat, Slackware, Mandrake, but mainly Solaris.

I'd tried bringing folks into gaming but everyone seemed to be a the level of parlor games and card games. Uno for example. I couldn't even get a good game of Cosmic Encounters going.

I'd considered selling my gaming gear to Titan Games. I packed it all up, got a listing of what I had and submitted it but they kicked back a far too low value and I'd have to pay to ship the 8 or 10 book sized boxes to them. So I just held on to them.

In Dec 2006, after much pestering from my wife, I unpacked my gaming gear with an eye to selling it all to reduce the number of boxes kicking around the house. I got them all out, organized them, and got rid of some miscellaneous papers, and then got to I created an inventory of my games and noted which ones I want to sell and started poking around in the sites that were associated with the games I like. Dumpshock for Shadowrun, Paranoia-Live for Paranoia, SJGames for Car Wars, etc...

In part because I was working from home and didn't have anything in the way of social interaction, I signed up for a new local Meetup group owned by Jon. I went to a game at his place where they'd just finished up a Shadowrun game. Since they were going to start a DnD campaign, I didn't go to any further meetings. In August 07, a Wednesday Shadowrun 3rd game started and I started attending that game.

In September I ran a Shadowrun 4th Edition game at a local FLGS, my first time running a game in 14 years. I was totally nervous and afraid. I'd run a Shadowrun 1st and 2nd edition game or three back when it first came out and didn't do very well. But the SR4 game actually went very well. The players were quite patient and helpful. Quite unlike my experience when I stopped playing.

Dec 07, I ran a one shot Paranoia game that the players are still talking about. I ran the 5th or 6th Shadowrun session not long after and we'll be heading off into uncharted territory. I ran a Shadowrun 4th game at Tacticon 2008 with much success.

And for something completely different, I also ride motorcycles. I've put 125,000 miles on my bikes since I got back on them in 2001. I've been to every one of the lower 48 states, Alaska and all of the accessible Canadian provinces. My wife and I are planning a trip to Europe to do some motorcycle touring. One of these days.


GMing: Shadowrun 4th
The Denver RPG Group - My Shadowrun Site - My Shadowrun Blog - Shadowrun Mooks
I also administer the Mosaic and Stained Glass forums if you happen to be artistic


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Programming and Gaming (2)

by Freejack on 10-28-2009 at 08:20 AM
Ok, so you're probably wondering. "Why is Freejack talking about programming?"

Fair question.

If you recall from the prior postings, I started with computers because of gaming so programming is integral to and supports my gaming. Without gaming, I might never had started programming and I wouldn't be here today (or perhaps not at this point anyway).

Today, I'll give you a quick run down of where I am now, in the 21st Century.

You recall

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Programming and Gaming (1)

by Freejack on 10-18-2009 at 11:40 PM
There has to be a purpose, a reason for writing a gaming tool. People don't generally just start writing software. There's a perceived need, something missing or just a personal need to create.

Much like gaming adventures or sourcebooks. Someone, a Ref for example, spends time running a game and decides to clean up the adventure and make it available.

I'm not sure what sent me into the programming realm though. I see all the tables for Car Wars spread throughout the various

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Programming and Gaming

by Freejack on 10-17-2009 at 10:08 PM
I'm a programmer from way back. Heck, it was because of gaming that I started learning how to program back in 1979 or so.

At the time, I was running AD&D three times a week. I had a 2'x3' sheet of stiff cardboard with a quarter inch grid. I covered the board and taped down three sides so I could slide the grid paper out if needed. As a graphics artist, I used some rub-on letters and numbers to create a header, drew some lines and used a grease pencil to keep track. I also had a

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