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About Bruce Berryhill

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15 miles
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
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Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings
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Dark Future, Fantasy, Horror, Modern, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction / Futuristic, Space Opera, Super Heroic
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No Preference
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No Preference
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What are you looking for?:
I am a game designer looking to get my RPG tested by as many people possible. I have been advised by other game designers to seek out the advice of Dungeon/Game Masters and players for how to improve my game, to get their opinion of the game, their pros and cons.
About Me
I have my epic sci-fi/fantasy D20 RPG for sale online at:

The Core Rules Book includes the first part of your adventure (tower #1 / Game Board Adventure Module0001c). What will you get with my game? A hybrid of of edited text and my original hand-drawn depictions. The purpose of this release is to raise enough money to pay my artist to complete the book form of this game.

I have taken the first Game Board from a series out 74 to make into what I call an Adventure Module. Within it are over 193 pages. This covers the introduction and description of the game, the extra weapons and defenses and soldiers your characters will receive, a training building where your characters will become proficient in the use of their newly acquired weapons, soldiers, magics, spells, etc. Then there are the monsters your characters will be facing, the rules & conditions unique to the first Game Board, and the Game Board Maps on the last two pages.

So, if you're looking for a real challenge read on...

I made a sci-fi/adventure RPG years ago comprised of three phases. That yielded 4,200 hand written and hand-drawn pages. It allows characters from virtually any gaming system to be played in my alternate reality / Universe.

The theme of the game is to give battle hardened characters with god-like status or powers with a real challenge where they have to depend on each other to survive. Characters are abducted from their respective (gaming) worlds and thrust into a high tech alien setting where even the laws of known physics need not apply. Religion has been outlawed. Those who disobey the law are tracked down at any cost for re-education. Tracking is done through brain wave and Force tracking of Evil, Neutrality, and Goodness. The global satellite system is partially tasked with this duty. It coordinates with the Sky Castles. The Sky Castles in turn use their creations to enforce their law. This alien world has natural alternate planes of existence, realities, dimensions, space-time realms that occupy the same volume of space. The Sky Castles have appropriated some of these "unused spaces" for their own purposes, of which Phase One: The Test and Phase Two: The Desert Project is a part of. Certain Monsters can access these "spaces" for a tactical advantage. Player's characters can also access these "spaces" with the use of an in-game "carry-all" device.

Machines have acquired True Intelligence and Artificial Consciousness. The forces of Evil, Neutrality, and Goodness plus magic, spells, etc have been transformed into precise calculated technological equivalents. Evil reigns supreme. Neutrality is a close second. Goodness accounts for one percent. These three have the equivalent of a power source that can operate the Living Machines and is also tracked globally by a network of space-born satellites that weave an outer shell around the host planet. Eleven Living Machine "fortress castles" float dozens of miles over the surface of the planet. They control the reality and the actions that are permitted. Their abducted "Guests" are all sent to The Desert Project to test their survival skills where upon five hundred thousand organic and in-organic combatants, vehicles, weapons systems, and more await their arrival. With completion of Phase One: The Test any surviving characters have a choice of staying on their host planet or being sent to other worlds of their choice, including their home world.

For those who choose to stay they may wish further exploration, conquest, to serve as Freedom Fighters, or whatever pleases their twisted souls and broken bodies. One thing is certain though...they will never be the same if they can survive Phase One of The Desert Project. If they stay they still have to navigate The Desert Project. For that part of the game more secrets are revealed to them. As well as new life forms and assorted "nasties" to contend with. The game was set up to handle dozens of (up to 100) simultaneous characters. With the appropriate in-game item each character can carry their own personal army. Characters are put through training simulations and upgraded significantly to increase their chances of surviving mostly intact. New defenses, magics, spells, weapons, vehicles, and offenses are also provided on a first come first serve basis. Within the Main Test Building are 74 towers. This is where "Guests" battle for their very survival along with other god-like, psychotic, crazed and/or deprived, blood thirsty characters whose form may or may not be humanoid.


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