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    I am looking for players to join in a new Greyhawk campaign starting soon. It will be Pathfinder with some house rules, starting level is first, 20 point buy, preferring core classes. Game times planned for Sundays 12-8 pm, possibly moving to Saturdays later.

    Our game style is role over roll playing, hard combats with death on the line, the rules as written help define what can be done but sometimes need to be mangled to work, all skills can be expected to be used, magic items are special, there are no production lines.

    Our current group is 4 including myself, we had more but RealLife(tm) intruded and moved many on to other parts of the world. Gaming experience is extensive, my wife bought me my first D&D box in '78 and we haven't stopped since.

    If you are interested please respond and if not then we wish the best to you and yours.

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San Diego
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30 miles
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Weekly - Once per week
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Dungeons and Dragons 2/3.5/4, Shadowrun, Everquest
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Homebrew Settings
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50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
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Medium Groups (Between 4 and 6 players)
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My Wife and I have a group with two others and are looking for another player. We are both experienced Gms and enjoy running extensive campaigns. Currently we are running Shadowrun but are interested in other games as well.

We enjoy roleplaying a great deal and like to develop our characters further during the game via their interactions with the party. Combat is not essential for every session, but a game of just RP is not what we are looking for. A 50/50 mix is preferred but that is a desired average overall. We have run games with dungeon crawls intermixed in political or other intense RP sessions in previous campaigns.

We meet Saturday nights for gaming weekly.
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Kyle and Kaity
I have been playing rpgs for close to 15 years now, more than half my lifespan. I began with D and D 2e and began to leap from system to system from there. With the exception of 1st E, I have enjoyed every D and D system but prefer to run in the 3.5. I have played shadowrun, world of darkness, HERO system and many other games based on those systems.

I enjoy GMing, having a four year span in which I ran weekly games for two separate gaming groups (I wish I had that kind of free time and player base now). I'd rather not be GM all the time but I run the Dragon's share for every group I join. I'm finishing the last few details on a campaign setting and game I was going to run for our group before learning that half of the group was being transferred due to work shortly. The only thing I require are player backgrounds to make everyone an essential part and properly motivate everyone in character.

My Wife has been gaming for close to three years now and is an experienced GM. Biases aside, she is one of the better GMs I have played with. She is currently working on her own campaign and would like to run after my next project. She is very artistic and enjoys drawing characters, scenes and monsters from our campaigns.

We both enjoy making characters with the group, so we have a strong cohesion and compliment each other and satisfy every role requirement. Backgrounds are a fun thing and not a chore for us, as we love to bring our characters to life.


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