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20 miles
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Friday, Saturday, Sunday
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Afternoons, Evenings
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Weekly - Once per week
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Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic
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Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e, Call of Cthulu
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50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
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Medium Groups (Between 4 and 6 players)
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I'm looking for some fresh players to join my quickly dwindling group for 3.5. I'd prefer players that can get into character but also be able to joke around OOC. I really don't care for players who's main interest is creating a strong "build" for their character and min-maxing things out- mostly because it feels like I as a DM have no real way to help them enjoy the game, and that bothers me.
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Honestly, Gray may as well be.
Well, I've been DMing for about 3 or 4 years now, and nearly all of that in DnD. I've tried a few other systems, but none of them really stuck for me. I love training new players that are interested- most players get so invested in their first character, and that always makes things so much fun.

As a DM, my number one job is to make things fun for the players, and that's what I always try to do. However, I play it a bit fast and loose- If I don't know a rule on something (Like what the mechanics for pulling someone underwater are, for example) I just make a ruling on how they should work and then keep the game moving.

Also, I'm unfortunately lazy when it comes to writing my own adventures. The work I'd want to put into making one is just too much, and anything less would be dissatisfying. So I largely run pre-fabs, or, if I'm lucky, I improvise as players decide for themselves what they want to do in the world, rather than have me leading them around by the nose. (Please, by all means ask me about the infamous "Pimp Quest" story, if you think you've got the stomach for it.) I like to think that one of my best qualities as a DM is that I'm quick on my feet when it comes to improvisation.

The way I always describe DnD is that if you can think of a plan or course of action that your character could reasonably do, you can work with your DM to make it happen if you roll well enough. I've had a player build a makeshift catapult out of twenty grandfather clocks in order to launch himself at a gargoyle. Personally, I love it when players come up with a clever solution. And although I can't really tell it here, the Burning Bridge story of mine really illustrates what I mean by that, as well as the flexibility of the game.


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