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  • Optimusnorm's Avatar
    09-01-2015, 12:10 PM
    As usual it depends on the D&D world and the GM and Players more than anything else. Also, if you survive in the right career in WFRPG you will be quite substantially above average with the system's 'grit'. Look up Giant Slayers, Assassins or the like...some of them are truly frightening in the...
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  • Optimusnorm's Avatar
    09-01-2015, 09:55 AM
    Well if it's about rules as written we can find huge flaws in every single system out there can't we? No serious gamer plays RPGs with a blind, near religious devotion to rules - and nearly every RPG I have read states rules are guides and can and should be changed to suit every group's style. ...
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  • Optimusnorm's Avatar
    09-01-2015, 09:52 AM
    As far as I know most games are in English and mostly among the various nationalities comprising the expatriate workers here. We do have a good number of locals including nationals from other Gulf states but as most groups are mixed English tends to be the gaming language. My own regular group...
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  • Optimusnorm's Avatar
    08-30-2015, 02:08 AM
    The game doesn't claim to be classless, and clearly states there are careers. Since it's randomly rolled initially and you can (if you are playing realistically) only change into careers that you do in-game) it's hardly overwhelming. Comparing it to D&D is like comparing an Apple with a Melon. They...
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  • Optimusnorm's Avatar
    08-30-2015, 01:10 AM
    Hello folks, I'm a British chap based in sunny and painfully hot Abu Dhabi. We have a vibrant gaming community here with both locals and expatriates. There's something to suit everyone. If anyone is in the region and looking to game please feel free to get in touch. We have groups in Dubai,...
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15 miles
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World of Darkness; Exalted
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I'm looking for a dramatic, personal, and potentially epic story that I can help to tell. I prefer the modern setting of the World of Darkness, but the fantastical nature of Exalted is also very appealing to me. I'm a player, and I would like to be in a medium-sized group.
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I've played Old World of Darkness -- primarily Mage -- a fair amount, an run a couple games of Exalted 1st Edition. In other words, I'm not terribly experienced with nWoD and the new editions of Exalted, but I am very eager to get into them!


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