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20 miles
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
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Afternoons, Evenings
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Weekly - 2 games per week
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Advanced Dungeons And Dragons
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Forgotten Realms
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50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
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No Preference
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I like good story. Devoted players that get attached to characters, lose track of time hoping the story never ends... If you charge an army with a fork n' knife do not expect to live. I punish stupid actions mostly... I reward EPIC! If you walk in to a fighters guild and challenge the head master to a duel only using a broomstick... and pull it off Epic. Jumping off a cliff to land on the back of a dragon Epic... Telling assassins you have a 5,000gp value on your head and go to sleep in their camp STUPID!

All good stories have action. Fights, good role-play, and epic stories.

50% looks, 45% attitude, n 5% skill - 1's are 1's - deal with it or bribe for a reroll.

When running a game I have a desired end scene, and a few scenes that can take place anywhere. More like small cut scenes. The players can react according, or ignore my cut scene all together killing me just a lil' bit inside. I like to keep my games flexible not trying to drive them down anyone road. That is why I feel that a good cut scene that can take place anywhere keeps the story strong without making the players feel forced to walk down DM's only road. My best ideas come in reaction to player ideas. A player does something to spark an idea, and I let that scene fly. When a players jaw drops in pure aww... O' what an epic feeling.

Willing to travel 30 min. to run/play due to gas prices and work restraints.
About Me
Been playing for nearly 10yrs... tried a lot of systems.
Fell in love with my old dm' ADnD homebrew rules... Makes combat more devastating and exciting.

I have told people before my games are like a good addictive drug. Once you have tried my shit nothing else will do, and I'll leave you craving more. Any play who has played with a good group knows player withdraws... They suck. DnD is a drug, which should always leave one, craving for more.

ADnD Combat and Tactics, Skills and Powers - must own for any true DnD player. TSR knew how to make balanced rules. Wizard just keeps getting worse with more broken rules and catering to cry babies. What has the world come to when it’s ok to watch a man cry? I am also willing to explain why 3rd or 3.5 is broken. I refuse to debate that in which those call 4th. I also feel 3rd killed role-play. Why get into character, and act a scene out when one can simply roll a dice. Whenever a player says, “I’m going to be scary” needs to be slapped. You aren’t scary you’re just sad. I picture that sad man making a “grr” face in a tavern, with all the patrons laughing. Don’t tell the outcome; describe your actions.

I will bring my books n’ teach good olde TSR dnd, or play in a game until I convince you to try my style. You got to try it at least once to get hooked.


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