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30 miles
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
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Afternoons, Evenings
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Weekly - Once per week
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Dark Future, Fantasy, Horror, Modern, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction / Futuristic
Favorite RPGs:
AD&D, BRP / Call of Cthulhu, White Wolf (Vampire / Werewolf)
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Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Shadowrun, World of Darkness
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50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
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Medium Groups (Between 4 and 6 players)
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I'm pretty open as far as games go. As long as there is some semblance of reality/continuity involved. I do tend to shy away from a lot of the more recent games however, simply because they tend to get too bogged down in rules-lawyering for me.

Ideally, I am looking for a local group with similar interests more than a specific game. In my experience, how the group interacts is generally more important than the game system when it comes to an enjoyable experience. Although, in a perfect world, I would love to find a group who has managed to work the major bugs out of a universal system like Chaosium's Basic Role Playing and enjoys using it for different genres.

I am available in the evenings to travel (we have kids) or pretty much any time if we play at my house. I have a couple of teenage kids who would be interested in playing as well if someone wants to try and work that in somehow.
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I have been playing RPG's since the early 80's, although I haven't played much since moving to Maine. I have played a lot of Fantasy and Cyber/Horror, but am open to just about anything run well with the right group.

I started out, like most old gamers, with AD&D (Greyhawk), although we dabbled in Champions, Traveller, Role-Master, etc. we always came back to D&D. Later, I got into Beyond the Supernatural and Rifts, but after spending a fortune on the books and trying to make sense of the whole "mega-damage" fiasco, it was back to AD&D. Although at this point we had started incorporating a few of the 2nd ed. rules, it never really caught on with my group as a whole.

Later, I started experimenting with Call of Cthulhu and World of Darkness, as well as a few independent games (anybody remember Talislanta?) and tried to make GURPS my system of choice. D&D 3.0 came and went, 3.5 became a weekly thing for a year or so, then we switched back to GURPS. GURPS was okay for a while, but I started wearing out my D6's and missing my other dice, besides, the system seems to be prone to rules-raping.

Finally, I moved to Maine, lost my old 3.5/GURPS group and my only outlet was a weekly phone-game with an old friend in Denver. At this point we were switching back and forth between White Wolf and Call of Cthulhu (Modern) which was a lot of fun, even though there were just the two of us, but things have kinda fallen by the way-side lately and now that my kids are old enough to participate, I am looking for a new outlet.

I would love to run a game for the kids, but honestly.. well... I suck at it.
Soooo... that leaves me struggling through it while hoping for another GM / Group that can take over in the future. Nowadays, I am interested in trying to piece together a modern horror game (think World of Darkness but using Chaosium's Basic Role Playing system, since it is the most intuitive system I have found due to my AD&D background) and good old fashioned Forgotten Realms AD&D sprinkled with a bit of home-brew setting changes.


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