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  • shadovar's Avatar
    06-22-2015, 03:00 PM
    Garrisan: The old man that is actually completely sober and hasn't drunk at all this day, although he is suffering from a hangover, he is walking and speaking like another other and is hardly worthy of the note Drunkard. "Well then Bard, I am thinking perhaps a trade. Why don't you tell me your...
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  • shadovar's Avatar
    06-21-2015, 06:46 PM
    okay I was just kinda assuming I failed miserably cause I didn't post for so long :P
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  • shadovar's Avatar
    06-21-2015, 06:04 PM
    I was gonna wait for night fall to make a move on the dwarf and talk to other characters. sorry for my lack of pacing. been busy digging in what amounts to a desert made of clay >.< I can try to be more open with the character but I was holding back as he is kinda in the middle of shit that could...
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  • shadovar's Avatar
    06-20-2015, 09:25 PM
    Garrisan: He laughs a bit at the simple logic. "That is a good saying but you have found the a gorilla in a forest not his own, follow me and surly you will be more lost then when you started." He grins reaching into his pack for some jerky to eat.
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  • shadovar's Avatar
    06-19-2015, 12:14 PM
    Garissan: Garissan laughs loudly. "Ah, well then, what you might not be noticeing about me under these scars is the wrinkles, you sure you want to hear the long and over exaggerated stories of an old man remembering the "good ol times"?" He continues to walk along behind the others with the bard,...
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  • shadovar's Avatar
    06-15-2015, 10:38 AM
    Garrisan: He watches the three of them interact, starting as he realizes that he has been approached and spoken too silently cursing himself for his lapse in perception. He turns to look blinking several times at the man before speaking. "I'm sorry, you seem to have caught me at a disadvantage....
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  • shadovar's Avatar
    06-11-2015, 11:26 PM
    Garrisan: He looks at the pitiful little monster clicking his tongue at it. He then turns to look at Wrenwil; regarding him up and down before answering. "You may, good Hero, name me as you wish. I am not but an old man searching for Death." he gives a three quarters bow.
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  • shadovar's Avatar
    06-10-2015, 07:38 PM
    Garrisan: Once ashore he stretches and seems to regain his balence and adopts an easy stance. " I doubt any of them could afford our hosts fee" He looks around surveying his surroundings. "Nother day, another rode" He sighs sadly.
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  • shadovar's Avatar
    06-08-2015, 05:57 PM
    Garrisan: Garissan stairs at the half-man for a moment, simply stunned by the cost. He slips a hand into a pouch to fetch the man his money. Depositing it into Ordchai's waiting hand "for such a price I expect much, this is hardly the place or time to barter of course. There is your payment in full...
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  • shadovar's Avatar
    06-07-2015, 07:53 PM
    Garrisan: Garrisan actually stumbles mentally over that question. ~Indeed why should he?~ He grins a bit within his own mind as he forms an idea. "You are a merchant are you not? If so then sell me passage by land to the city of our destination. How much would it cost an old soldier to stride...
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  • shadovar's Avatar
    06-06-2015, 11:34 AM
    He swallows down another breath as the man stoops down. "Always do days of past be better then the cast of the present sir. as for my heading, death and doom sir. Death and doom." He leans forward at the mention of getting out of here. "Please sirs if you could see to taking me off this retched...
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  • shadovar's Avatar
    06-05-2015, 05:08 PM
    The Old man slumps off the crate onto his rear scooting back against the gunwale. As he retreats the few scant inches he throws his hands up before his face cowering as if fearing retaliation. The blood seeping from his nose begins to drip to his chest mixing with a splattering of his recently...
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  • shadovar's Avatar
    06-04-2015, 12:23 PM
    Garrisan (listen check result 6) Garrisan grumbles at not being able to hear over the crowd. He takes a quick look around and then timing it along with a sway of the river boat he trips himself foreword towards the pair losing his balance and falling face first a few feet away. (bluff check to...
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    Hi, wish I lived near you sound fun to game with.
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    Is your name Chris? Your e-mail looks familiar. If you are, we played a few games of Vampire a couple of years ago, but I was in the middle of adopting my son. If this is Chris, are you up for another Vampire game set in the Dark Ages? Let me know.
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    The PML was a fan run mailing list for Palladium Games that enjoyed a brief period of official sponsorship from the company untill some of it's members got out of hand. There was a Kitsune on this list who was a well respected poster and gamer. I was wondering if you were he.

    To bad about the work conflict. We generaly play from 9 AM to about 5 to 6 PM on thursdays. If we change days I'll let you know, if your work scedual changes so that it can acomodate, then give me a holler.
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    Hey, you haven't by chance ever been a member of the PML have you?

    I am part of a D&D 4e campain that needs players, but we meet on thursdays, so I don't think that's much help to you.
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    HI and Wecome to the Dungeoneers of Dallas Group
    we play on sundays from 11:00 or 1:00pm to about 5:00pm you are wecome to come up and watch a game and and get to know us the game we are in at this time is not open but we will have a new game opening up soon if you would to meet us give me a call duster
    Melton Aricheta cell 214 796 6135
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About kitsune1842

Basic Information

Willing to Travel:
50 miles
Availability (Days):
Tuesday, Wednesday
Availability (Times):
Desired Gaming Frequency:
Weekly - 2 games per week
Gaming Preferences
Preferred Genres:
Dark Future, Fantasy, Horror, Modern, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction / Futuristic, Space Opera, Strategic (Miniatures), Super Heroic
Favorite RPGs:
dungeons & Dragons, The old WoD(Mostly 2nd Ed),and Superhero
Gaming Worlds:
Eberron, DnD 4th Ed. Maybe Forgotten Realms
Preferred Playing Style:
No Preference
Ideal Group Size:
No Preference
Online RPGs?:
What are you looking for?:
Every game is different. How to describe the game I am looking for when it varies from setting to setting, system to system, even from GM to Gm? I want a Forgotten Realms setting game where I can play my Spell Scale Warmage/Force Missile Mage. I want to play my Artifacer/Master Inqusitive in Ebberon (I call him CSI:DND). I miss playing a Troll in Changling the Dreaming, and my Maurader Void Engenear in Mage: The Awakening (Want a hint at his delusion? Read the Lensman books). Or my albino metis Child of Gia from Werewolf the Apocalypse.

Now I am looking for a 4th ed DND game in any world.
About Me
If you want to know what kinds of games and characters I played you can look above.

I want to play on a near weekly basis since it is just about the only social interaction I get.

I am looking for a group of mature people to play with that do not care that I am a little strange, or that I am gay.

Also, my shcedual changes every few months it seems due to being a police dispatcher. At the moment I am free on tuesdays and wednsdays but may change to sundays mondays in Febuary or March.


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