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  • A World Of Chaos(the undead era)

    The world was running as smoothly as it ever does, when suddenly a mysterious illness claimed the lives of everybody in a small town. Within a few hours as media poured into the town to harvest the tragedy for ratings, the victims bodies reanimated and attacked and killed everyone who came to the town..Within a day the entire state was infested with undead..within a week the entire country..within a month the entire world. Only a small percentage of humans have survived, scattered throughout the planet. The era of the undead has begun...

    Category: Play by Post
    Last Activity: 08-13-2010 11:24 AM

    4 member(s)
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    Found Our System & Info
  • Dark City: The Guild War

    For two hundred years, the Theives Guild has ruled the City's underground and blackmarket. No one joins the Guild lightly. It takes a certain persona to be part of the organization with the ever present threat of rivals in the ranks or worse, subjected to the harsh city legal system. Nor does not leave the Guild except in death.

    But the Thieves Guild is now challenged by a unknown force. Members have been found dead. Merchants once afraid of the guild have become embolden, claiming alliance with some force that has distrusted the Guild's business.

    This can be no longer tolerated.

    The Masters of the Guild have formed a task force of talented thieves from it's ranks to meet this threat.

    Can this group meet the challenges of the Guild War?

    Dark City: The Guild War is a play by post game hosted on the pen and paper games forums. If intrested, please email the Moderator/DM for an invite.

    Good story material but group fell apart. I don't like online games anyyway

    Category: Play by Post
    Last Activity: 03-13-2010 10:34 AM

    13 member(s)
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • The New War

    this is a SW RPG that takes place from Episode 2 up to the time we feel the RPG should end so that could be as soon as Anikin would becom Darth Vader or to the time Emporer Palpatine Dieds

    Category: Play by Post
    Last Activity: 06-24-2009 05:17 PM

    1 member(s)
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • Trinidad

    Trinidad- A post-apocalyptic adventure set in the Fallout universe.

    System: Fallout 2.0 (you can find it online)

    The story so far:

    Currently, Mal, Roach, and Cookie, three freed slaves, explore the city of Trinidad, CO, and the region around it.

    Category: Play by Post
    Last Activity: 06-06-2013 09:41 PM

    4 member(s)
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • The Pathfinder Chronicles...

    This is a game of intrigue, suspense, thrills, and fun. The adventure awaits. Are you ready???(system used is Pathfinder Beta 3.5.2)

    Category: Play by Post
    Last Activity: 06-03-2010 12:53 PM

    2 member(s)
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  • The Hunter, The Hunted

    This is a basic 3.5 D&D game. Standard houserules in hopes that it makes the game a little more fun.


    Welcome to the world of adventuring. It is a scary place at times, and in the end only those who have the will to grit their teeth, and persevere, will survive it's cold and harsh reality. These people are called "heroes", but no hero is born. They are made by experiencing turmoil, and pushing through their own boundaries.

    You are hopefully such beings. Do you have the will and testament of those in this world to live your life to the fullest, or will you die on your hands and knees like so many others? Will you become heroes that the world loves, peasant slaves who work each day praying for death or salvation, or become villains that the world fears and detests? Only time will tell as Fate has you dance for his amusement during the arduous tasks he places before you all.

    Category: Play by Post
    Last Activity: 05-07-2011 03:02 PM

    1 member(s)
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • Darkness at the Crossroads

    This is a DA: Vampire pbp group. This was chatted about in the Looking for a White Wolf PBP on the site.

    Category: Play by Post
    Last Activity: 07-24-2012 05:01 PM

    2 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
  • Dead of the Night

    This is a Ravenloft PBP run by Arkhemedes using Pathfinder D&D and set in the year 741 of the Barovian Calendar. Ravenloft is a world of Gothic horror.

    Anyone is welcome and, in fact, encouraged to read through the threads. But if you are not seriously interested in playing in the PBP please do not join it. If, however, you are interested in playing in the PBP, please send me a PM first to see if I have any openings.

    Category: Play by Post
    Last Activity: 06-07-2013 07:25 AM

    6 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Where's my Ravenloft game?
  • Dirge of Everlasting Iniquity

    A D&D game set in a world of my design using the Pathfinder RPG rules (D&D 3.75 essentially). A tale of damned souls sent back to the world to live again and sow the seeds of corruption in society while paving the way for their master's arrival in the land of the living.

    Category: Play by Post
    Last Activity: 02-08-2010 11:06 AM

    9 member(s)
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • Call of Cthulhu

    The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far...

    - H.P. Lovecraft

    Category: Play by Post
    Last Activity: 03-07-2014 05:39 PM

    9 member(s)
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  • Tacoma Weekly Roleplaying

    Hi there, my friend and I are looking for Tacoma people to game with. Specifically tabletop rpg. We are looking for people good at critical thinking and with strong story awareness. I'm not looking to hang out with friends, I really just want to cooperatively tell a story with some quick and smart people.
    despite sounding like a ***** im actually a nice guy! Thank you for reading!

    I am entirely up for running most games, I have one in mind but if you have an idea I'd love to hear it.

    Last Activity: Yesterday 10:47 PM

    This is a private group.
  • Houston Gamers

    Local Houstonians with a game or that are interested in finding a group. This is a place to trade info on stores, gatherings or whatever you all feel might be appreciated

    Last Activity: 06-16-2018 07:48 PM

    51 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Age Of Adaline
  • Sun Prairie RPG

    Small group of mature gamers who meet up Friday nights for D&D style rpg.

    Category: Gaming Groups
    Last Activity: 06-07-2018 07:00 PM

    1 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • Manhattan Gamer's Guild

    This group is for anyone interested in running and playing tabletop RPGs on a regular basis in Manhattan.
    We're always looking for new players and GMs. The group will be focused on playing games of all genres and systems -- past games include the following:

    Star Wars
    Eclipse Phase
    Feng Shui
    Apocalypse World
    Savage Worlds
    Call of Cthulhu

    We'd be open to trying any RPG system, so feel free to make a suggestion if there's something you'd like to play or run.

    Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of knowledge or experience.

    Note: Commuter Friendly - Even though we generally play weeknights, we're usually done by 9-10 PM

    Last Activity: 03-29-2018 07:20 PM

    2 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • Inland Empire D&D Gamers

    A group for players in the San Bernardino area that want to play Dungeons and Dragons and to have fun

    Category: Gaming Groups
    Last Activity: 02-19-2018 05:45 PM

    5 member(s)
  • Wisconsin Gamers Association and Networking Group

    A place where fellow Wisconsin gamers can meet,Network,Game, Form new groups or even Avertise Gaming related events..example,local hobby shops and conventions.

    Non wisconsin residents can still join to..just stay off wisconsin only post boards please. ty

    Last Activity: 01-06-2018 05:57 PM

    16 member(s)
  • Chicagoland Gamers

    This group is to bring together Chicagoland gamers from the city and suburbs to participate in all types of games. Post your games, post your desires and lets see if we can get something started!

    Last Activity: 01-06-2018 05:54 PM

    73 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Starting a pathfinder group
  • Mutants and Masterminds

    This system is easy to learn, and the most flexible I have seen. This means you can do whatever you want with your character and the rules just put it into numbers for running a game. HAVING FUN is the major goal here. M&M is the method.

    Category: Gaming Groups
    Last Activity: 01-05-2018 07:21 PM

    7 member(s)
  • The Escapists

    An intrepid group of adventurers, shadowrunners, vampires, and inquisitors running away from the harshness of reality to create a fictional multiverse.

    Category: Gaming Groups
    Last Activity: 12-21-2017 04:05 AM

    18 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    test topic change
  • AG16

    Group for the AG16 players.

    Category: Play by Post
    Last Activity: 12-21-2017 04:05 AM

    7 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: