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The Unquiet Lands

In Aucothia, a cumbrous empire lumbers towards its fate. On Istao, petty wars threaten what remains of civilization. The inhabitants of Elphame dance a path through these lands, alight with chaotic passions, while the stars herald an otherworldly doom to befall the ancient Kingdom of Icnear.

The Unquiet Lands hosts a long-running play-by-post campaign and two biweekly chat games. We primarily use a 13th Age-influenced version of the fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons rules, conducted in an original campaign setting. We change our chat games by player request after each adventure, and some other game systems we've used included Feng Shui and classic Traveler. One of the chat games is currently experimenting with a custom-made 4th edition D&D variant: Far Eastern Wonderland.

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