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Steel Realms Destiny (Invite Only Group)

Seattle based group using the Incarna system (http://www.incarna.net); Characters from all paths brought together in the calamitous Steel Realms. Gods, spirits, and mighty foes walk the lands, seeking power & control over the fate of millions. The remnants of the once-mighty Sea-Kings rise up in open rebellion against the High-King, the darkness in the east sits silent, & the fallen southern lords fight amongst themselves for scraps of power and fertile ground in land turned to desert. In the north, the lich lords watch in the embrace of eternal winter, forever at war with the lands of the living.

3 campaigns currently: Thug Life, Ancient Blood, & Dunstrand Rising; Table top + email based character interaction. Campaign journals are at Obsidian Portal; http://www.obsidianportal.com/profile/templeorder


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