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Nexus Adventures

In D&D, there are so many resources and worlds, but so many campaigns restrict options. Soft Serve and I decided run our games in a Nexus, a joining of campaign worlds.

In this game, each campaign world is a plane that can be travelled to and from via the astral plane, with ships passenger fee transporting those without access to appropriate magix.

In this campaign, virtually EVERY spell, Feat, Prestige class, base class, and item ever published is allowed, and I've nothing against modifying material to suit our needs. (Improving a cool but overweak class, or softening one of the rare OP'd classes, aka frenzied berzerker lol, to bring things into at least a semblance of balance and allow maximum options.)

I'll start putting up bios as posts in this group's forum soon.

So welcome to the nexus, enjoy your stay, Softy's campaign has room, and in the future more DM's are more than welcome.

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