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PATHFINDER AND D&D 3.5 Between Bragg and Raleigh NC - Pen & Paper Games
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PATHFINDER AND D&D 3.5 Between Bragg and Raleigh NC

This group uses Pathfinder rules but some 3.5 books, and most D20 support books are incorporated.

The maps are the entire Forgotten Realms map software using CC3 to update the unfinished continents. We have a full world map. Codex Alera and some Wheel of time cultures and races were added for game play on the Western continents that Forgotten Realms had left undone.

Historical cultures such as Vikings, Egyptians, Greeks, Celts, Gauls, and Romans were added using the "Lost Legion" and "Portal" excuse for their presence.

We are an ALL Adult group. Mostly military.

I'm moving to the area so I am a GM that will be looking for players interested in a campaign that could last a few years.

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