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I have a very strict time slot for any type of RPG games. So i decided to build a group around my time slot and try to find us a GM.

For any GMs who may be interested i have close to 100 Tokens already made and am working on adding a variety of different maps. I would of course be up for helping create any tokens or maps necessary to help a GM run his particular game as well.

I just cant find the time to sit down and dedicate the time to GM an actual game. Alot of these are from the game i GMed previously that ran short because of my Work/School/Family life.

To create a standard for any games that develop:
Rolling stats as per book
Core and enemies within
Only one psyker (maybe 2 based on group)

We have had a great turn out for players and now have a solid group consisting of:

Adeptus Sororitas (Not full Battle Sister)
Imperial Guard Seeker
Biomancy Psyker
Highborn Assassin

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