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Lakeland Role Playing Guild

The "Lakeland Role Playing Guild" is located in Lakeland, Florida. We are a gaming organization in our 14th year (!) of providing quality game events to gamers in the central Florida Area. We typically meet twice a month in the South Lakeland area at a rented church and currently have about 35 members. We generally have at least two tables running games. Sometimes as many as four. Typical turnout for a gaming session is usually about a dozen players at two or more tables. We play various common RPGs including a couple of home grown campaigns. We also play board games, card games, and miniatures too. Stop by our website at but more importantly, stop by one of our meetings. Though there is small annual membership fee to cover rental and other expenses, you're welcome to game with us for free for a couple of meetings if you'd like to. We meet on the second and fourth Fridays of the month from about 7 to about 11.

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