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Classic Marvel - New Avengers

The Classic Marvel system from the 1980's gets revisited in a retelling of many great Avenger stories featuring The New Avengers cast. Currently looking for 2-3 players in Greater Toledo Area. Rule books can be found at .
house rules:
MUST BE A COMIC BOOK FAN! I cant stress that enough. Know how frustrating it is to GM or play a super hero setting when the payers dont like super heroes? The answer is a grinding migrane and a mad man screaming 'VERY!' RP experience is important but not entirely necessary.
No need to make or bring your homebrew crew, characters will be provided. This is The New Avengers setting. Non-negiatiable.
PG rating. Please keep foul language and gestures to a minimum as possible. We may change venues from game stores to restaurants and even possibly a church. non-negiatiable
This game system features a 'zero tolerance of killing' rule. For fans of the silver age era, you know this isn't a big deal. This is non-negiatiable

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