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Friday Night Gaming Group

We are looking for a few regular players for our friday night gaming group that plays in north San Jose at the border of San Jose and Milpitas.
We start at 6:30 and go until around 11:00. We are looking for a few regular players willing to commit to playing at least 3 out of every four weeks. Right now we are playing (just started) An Invasion earth game using the Chaosium BRP system. Its a modern age (a little bit in the future) game where aliens come to strip mine the earth. The party tries to survive and fight back to free the earth from certain destruction. Its about 50% rpg and 50% action.

We tend to switch games every 6 months or so. Players switch around the GM duties.
We have played a pretty wide variety of games over the years. We are pretty much open to any type game. Its up to the GM.

If you are interested in giving the group a try, email me at


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