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Celysion - The Looming Darkness (Moderated Group)

Celysion is a D&D 4e world that is still in recovery from the fallen empires.* Where Nerath and Bael Turath once stood instead lays an untamed wild.* There are a few beacons of hope left in the world, one of which is Vandromar, a city where our adventuring begins. *Vandromar is the only human stronghold in the world.* Other enclaves and villages and spread throughout the region, but Vandromar is the only city of its kind.*
There is a looming darkness yet to be discovered in the world.* Something is at work that is bringing an unsettling feeling over its inhabitants.* Celysion is in great need of adventurers.* Will you rise to the challenge?
(We are still in need of a few more adventurers.* Please contact me if you are interested.)

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