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The Hunter, The Hunted (Moderated Group)

This is a basic 3.5 D&D game. Standard houserules in hopes that it makes the game a little more fun.
Welcome to the world of adventuring. It is a scary place at times, and in the end only those who have the will to grit their teeth, and persevere, will survive it's cold and harsh reality. These people are called "heroes", but no hero is born. They are made by experiencing turmoil, and pushing through their own boundaries.

You are hopefully such beings. Do you have the will and testament of those in this world to live your life to the fullest, or will you die on your hands and knees like so many others? Will you become heroes that the world loves, peasant slaves who work each day praying for death or salvation, or become villains that the world fears and detests? Only time will tell as Fate has you dance for his amusement during the arduous tasks he places before you all.

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