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Chez Turtle- Northern Virginia - Pen & Paper Games
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Chez Turtle- Northern Virginia

Chez Turtle is the home of two lunatic game geeks, Paul and Becky. Almost every week for the past 7 years, Chez Turtle has hosted a board games night. There have been Poker nights, DDR parties, and other gaming centric events. The idea has been to host a games oriented micro-convention, with all the wierdness that comes with your average SF/Gaming con.

Chez Turtle is open to all forms and flavors. We have old skool D&D nerds, we have collctable card gamers withtheir suitcases of cards, we have mathmaticians, we have anime fanboys, we have people who just came for late night parties, and we have clueless newbies who just want to try out some new games with new people. We have trekkies, harry potter fans, B5 fanatics, horror movie conniseurs, not to mention a published author or two. We count among our guests people who are members of almost every alternate sexuality community I am aware of. The only people who dont fit in here are the ones who can't tolerate a hefty dose of diversity

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