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When in Distant Lands (San Diego CA) (Invite Only Group)

Welcome, since you are reading this you are a member of the "When in Distant Lands" campaign. This is where you'll get news about the campaign, when and where sessions will be held, and learn about the world of Ærth as the information would become known to your character.

This is where you would follow up on clues, leads, hints, etc. picked up in game, converse with fellow players or have your character talk with other characters during down time, or even handle business affairs and catch up on character to character correspondence.

"When in Distant Lands" is a face to face game officially, but with the tools provided by Pen and Paper games make it possible to run this as a sort of quasi play by post game. It can be handled by posting, then most of the time that's how it will be handled.

Thanks for your interest and for accepting the invitation.

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