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General Discussion, Vol. 2

  1. I. J. Thompson
    Over the line?
  2. Gibson8088
    Is what over the line? Handcuffs and cheese? I guess that would depend on what kind of cheese it is.
  3. I. J. Thompson
    My post.
  4. Dawncaller
    Tastefully understated and charged with emotion that made it more than simple gratuity, I'd say it crosses no lines but perhaps consciously reminds the reader that there is a line. I might go so far as to say that it defines a line.

    Your thoughts?
  5. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    I'd imagine my views on it are hardly a mystery. I'm willing to allow quite a bit for the sake of narrative, as opposed to wish fulfillment. This is obviously well written and in no danger of descending into smut.

    On the other hand, a great sin has been committed, by you of all people Dawn. You've been keeping secrets from us. A certain familiar name popped up on the new player registry a few days ago, and it just so happens to be in our group list now.:P
  6. I. J. Thompson
    You guys, thank you for your thoughts. That was a hard post to write. Well, not hard to write, but hard to post. Because traditional SW fiction like this demands certain parameters, yeah? But if you guys are cool with it, that's all that matters to me.
  7. Gibson8088
    If there is ever any wonder about going over the line just remember what I did some time back. I think I was on the verge of denting that line significantly if I remember correctly.

    In my own opinion, IJ, you didn't tread near any lines. Your story is coming along beautifully and I'm liking what you've done with it thus far. Of course, I have to wonder what her business partner guy must be wondering by now. I mean, how long has it been since he's heard from Jyllis? Last time he saw her Tach was bringing her back from a kidnapping attempt.
  8. Dawncaller
    I'll go into a little more detail on my views. I completely understand your reticence at posting it. The measuring stick I've always kept handy is whether or not it would fit into an episode of the saga. We're writing Star Wars fiction here, and that carries with it a certain spirit or 'flavor' of storytelling. Ice Hawk has mastered the kind of scrappy rogue along the same vein as Han Solo; Gibson8088 is all over that broad, adventurous feel I get from moments like the pod race; Corr Terek always captured that stalwart heroism I get from the Clone Wars Anakin; I.J. Thompson has provided that fundamental thread of emotional counterpoint that is one of the few things I enjoy about Padme's involvement in the saga.

    That said, I'm the first to admit that we've challenged-- and occasionally exceeded-- what might make the cut in even the darkest or most controversial aspects of a quintessential Star Wars moment. I myself have introduced quite a bit of violence into our tapestry, likely more so than would be appropriate for the mainstream trilogies, but I've always tried to keep it within the saga's wheelhouse. A personal touchstone I use is whether or not I can hear any motifs from the Star Wars soundtrack as I write, and you can judge for yourself whether or not I've been successful.

    That brings me back to our subject of I.J.'s recent post. While thematically you've introduced something what would raise questions in a saga that maintains a rather family-friendly line, I still feel that it retains that flavor. I even hear Star Wars music as I read it, specifically that haunting piece from Episode III titled "Padme's Ruminations." Maintaining that emotional tone subtly masks and diminishes whatever shock the reader may feel at Fi's "uncloseting." In fact, the juxtaposition of elements in the post add a very interesting emotional harmonic. On the one hand, Fi is recognizing a very strong and unhealthy relationship is still unresolved; on the other hand, she's also finding that her steps into a new life are providing her with comfort and healing. Add to that the fact that the most explicit mention of her act follows frantic, desperate, primal circumstances, suggesting that the act itself carried similar motivations.

    Any way, enough of my blathering on. I need to get a lesson plan ready for tomorrow...

    Edit: Oh yeah, and expect to see the brief return of an ol' favorite.
  9. I. J. Thompson
    Wow, Dawncaller, thank you for a very insightful look at not only my own post, but at Tapestry as a whole!

    It's hard to introduce a detail like that and not have it overshadow the whole point of including it in the first place. My purpose in introducing that element was certainly not to say "look! Fi's gay now!", but to clearly show that, at that precise moment in time, Fi's life could be pretty clearly divided into 'before' and 'after'. In fact, in a PM with Ice Hawk, I even said that I needed to give Fi a 'state of the union'-type post... and that doesn't sound very sexy, does it?

    So, why go there at all? I certainly didn't create the Jyllis Tromso character to be a lover for Fi; she was only intended to be the center of a 'side adventure' that would facilitate the larger story of Fi becoming her old self again. But in writing her, it just became clearer and clearer to me that she was attracted to Fi. Whether or not Fi would end up reciprocating these feelings wasn't even an interesting question to me at first, because it didn't seem to matter, really, in terms of the overall story.

    But then I started to see that Jyll was a great deal more than a means to an end - more than a simple 'adventure hook' to occupy me while Fi healed. She was the one doing the healing. And suddenly, that makes her a lot more powerful, a lot more interesting, and, quite frankly, the perfect person to fall in love with.

    So, why not just have a man do the job? That's easy. Because as far as Tapestry overall goes, in terms of Fi and Tam's story, Tam was 'The One' (I'm sure you'd agree to the reverse, Dawncaller?). And in a mythic fairy tale like Star Wars, there can be only one 'One'. For Fi to simply fall in love with some other man would have been cheap and unsatisfying, and would have diminished the weight of her and Tam's relationship (and would have made Fi look like she requires a man to be happy, which is offensive, really). With Jyll in the role, it's apples and oranges - Fi is discovering a part of herself which she didn't know was there before, which leaves her and Tam's story untarnished. And instead of being 'tamed' by some other guy, or settling for second best, she's growing.

    And growth is good.
  10. Volfe

    I see you're pretty close to finishing your volume, should I just wait to join?
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