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  1. I. J. Thompson
    If you guys get together... we want pics!

    [EDIT: Oh, it looks like I'm the 500th reply - you guys want me to shut it down, and open a new one? Speaking of GD only, of course - the volumes of in-character posts will continue to be 500 posts each.]
  2. I. J. Thompson
    Hi guys!

    I just realized that there's now a new General Discussion thread - it being new, I wasn't subscribed to it and didn't know it was there. So, this message is to let others like me know that that's where OOC discussion is happening, now.

    Also, don't forget that tonight is Chat Night! If you like, you can click the link and RSVP as 'yes', 'no', or 'maybe'.

    All right! Gonna lock this one...

    [EDIT: Hmmm, can't seem to lock a discussion, I can only delete 'em. This might get a little weird. Shall we stick with this one, or use the new and either let this one sink or delete it?]
  3. Ice Hawk
    Ice Hawk
    Thanks for reminding me about the chat. I'm going to be a running rather late tonight though, so hopefully I don't miss any of you.
    Also, I'd just let this sink.
  4. I. J. Thompson
    I forgot to mention, my computer craps out, and has done so now, during our chat. Will be back in under 10 minutes! (sent from iPhone)
  5. Gibson8088
    Roger that! Message recieved.
  6. I. J. Thompson
  7. I. J. Thompson
    Chat Night ruined by IJ's computer woes!
  8. Gibson8088
    Don't let it stress ya, IJ. Computer problems happen. I think it's the season for them as just recently I had my motherboards' CPU slot go out on me.
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