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  1. DMAngus
    I'm trying to coordinate a game for the Weekends, if you guys and girls are interested could let me know the days and times you're free to play, we can make the preparations for the game... including pre-campaign start information. In addition to the character stats presented, you'll be given a chance to earn up to 20 experience points before the game begins. If there are too many schedual compatibility issues to get a chat game going, then we'll play over post until the issues are over. If you are interested, please join both here and the campaign's Obsidian Portal page: which is currently under construction. Please note for those of you who are experienced L5R players, this is a closed campaign for the beginning. After the initial sub-portion of the campaign, any killed characters will be replaceable with characters of your creation. Just try to remember though, establishing bloodlines is rewarded greatly in the Emerald Empire but not required...
  2. Tremere4Life
    If you are still alive in this forum I would love to be a part of your game...I haven't played in a very long time, but I remember the game well.
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