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  1. mistrl
    so just fyi i made sure to keep a couple peeps around to see me dismiss the balor (milo coulda ported em out if i failed ) to make sure peeps werent too freaked out by it ^.^
  2. mistrl
    also i forgot to mention that while my hospital is free ( cept for frivolous shit) it puts an emphasis on item creation (who woulda thought ) so it makes its fair share of potion, wands, staffs, ect ect... so it should either turn a profit or break even i would think
  3. Carnis77
    In your region - that shouldn't be an issue and you can count on the Army Medical Corps to buy not only potions but wands of healing regularly.
  4. mistrl
    also i forgot.. i had my one cohort with me the whole time does he get xp
  5. mistrl
    and considering my abilities and full spread on medical equipement ect, would cosmetic stuffs be viable? ie upping our comliness, no reason not to take advantage of such if possible >=D
  6. mistrl
    and another question xD would it be ok for me to get the craft construct feat? i know it was restricted/relic in 3.5 but seems its just a regular feat in pathfinder (least its sitting there in the feats looking at me >_<) so was curious if i could get it by now with all the star magic books ect we have (speaking of which were we able to learn any of that?)
  7. Carnis77
    I didnt notice your cohort. Consider him at half your levels.
  8. Carnis77
    In my world constructs are a lost magical art. If you find a book on constructs then I'll let you take it.
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