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Aes Sedai

  1. mistrl
    considering the fact that theyll prob be a large part of the game starting the topic for discussion concerning them

    and as such ill just throw out that my character is trying to figure them/ their power out some, as well as asking why there are no males with it
  2. mistrl
    and asking if they can craft
  3. SGuiher
    Fitz - Do the Druids know anything about the Aes Sedai that we can share with the group since we are from Eire?
  4. Carnis77
    You know that they are held in awe and some fear in Eyre. A king in Eyre is a lesser being if he doesn't have a few Aes Sedai advisors in his court.

    The Aes Sedai have a small nation state on Eyre with roughly 200-300 towns, cities, and farm villiages.

    Their "White Tower" is in the midst of a grand Island Fortress city with a sizable standing Army.

    Their purpose in life besides attaining further power and influence is to destroy evil.
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