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Nature is business and business is good...

  1. SGuiher
    After spending 2 days in Victoria with the rest of the group, Maeve and Galen head out to make our Stewardly rounds through the Great Forest, flame striking any unsanctioned wood cutters along the way.

    While we are there, we plan to check in with the Centaurs to see if they have come across any of the Posleen and so they don't feel as though we completely abandoned them. We will also be taking an assortment of metal (mostly steel) for the Centaurs per our agreement to provide steel (and other metals) to them in exchange for their service. We will need to set up semi-annual shipment of metals to them based on availability of the metals they would like.

    We will check in with the Fey as well and while speaking with the Fey, we will try to gather the locations of other possible portal sites. When we traveled the forest in the past, they were able to show us many ruins, some that we were unable to get close to. Those ruins may hold more portals, so we will do our best to find out what we can about those areas, just in case.

    We will spend some time communing with the forest, trying to unlock natural secrets and powers as well.

    If any of the creatures decide to join our ranks (for Cohort XI), we will bring them back with us.
  2. Carnis77
    Excellent. I'll have more info for you on any discoveries or relations from the forest denizens.
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