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Ministry of Trade and Finance - Victoria Frontier Region

  1. Carnis77
    Place your interactions with Minister of Finance and Trade Minister Vallus here.

    Current treasury total as of 5 November 2011 is 350,000 gold.
  2. Carnis77
    As of 28 January 2012:

    Current treasury: 250,000 gold

    This is after tabulation of current tax revenues and deductions for, payroll, and expenditures on projects which include:

    - Road project to the Halfling Shire
    - 4 Longships
    - 1 Large Warship
    - Grand Library
  3. jstoner420
    I will kick in 250,000 gold from my share of the treasure to ensure the province has the necessary funds to continue operations.
  4. mistrl
    alright finished up the totals and figured we have enough in our pockets (3,208,389 gp ea) and gave the remainder to our treasury, so a 2,473,800 deposit to it to further all our projects
  5. Carnis77
    With that you can start work on some real projects.
  6. Carnis77
    Treasury was at 2,723,800 gold.

    Minus - raising 3 Cohorts, Arming, and 1st months pay

    Current Treasury is now 2,619,300 gold.
  7. Carnis77
    As of April 2012 or April 2382 of the Roman Calendar your treasury is currently at:

    Total population based on recent tax census 177,100

    Total tax payers: 88,550 (minus dependents)

    Current tax rate is 20%

    Current monthly overhead:
    - Military pay 52,640/month
    - municipal upkeep and personnel payroll 20,000 gold/month
    - Victoria civic legion 1800 gold/month

    total monthly expenses - 74,440 gold.

    Current monthly revenues:
    - income tax revenues +56,400 gold/month
    - trade duty taxes + 40,000 gold/month

    total monthly revenue +96,400 gold/month

    Current Treasury is now 2,660,300 gold.

    +21600 gold/ month after overhead
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