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Rome - farea province

  1. Carnis77

    CAPITAL - Farea Castorum

    - The "Bread Basket" of the Empire. The Province itself is only 7 centuries old and has expanded over the centuries to its current borders. 300 years ago there was a 20 year war with the Elven kingdoms to the north that resulted in a stalemate and a lucrative truce. The Roman Empire agreed to sign a treaty with the Elves to not expand beyond the Arden Ryl (Arden River) to the North. The Elves agreed with the addition of free trade without tax through the border of Farea Province. Rome agreed seeing Elven goods as a huge boon to its economy despite the loss in tariffs. The Emperor was so impressed with Elven scouts and archers that he further requested the Elven high king allowed open enlistment without penalty for elves who would sign on for terms of service with the Legions at double pay according to their rank. The Elven High King agreed. Since this time Elves have served the Empire as scouts, rangers, and soldiers from time to time. Some even achieving full citizenship.

    Farea has suffered numerous invasion attempts by Gauls, a few Egyptian incursions, and even a 6 year war with Giant kin and Ice Barbarians from the mountain ranges. Farea is the only territory in all of Rome allowed to maintain 6 full Legions of troops. The Emperors and Senate have always seen it as a buffer state from threats to the Empire. The Legions themselves are completely funded by Farean territorial taxes and trade tariffs. Being one of the richest Provinces in the entire Empire it has made it a target of other jealous High Lords. Namely high lord Calare who borders Farea to the South West.

    One of the things that has always troubled House Faris is the fact that there are no Dwarves in the entire region. Its is rumored in folklore that in the early days of the Empire there was a great Dwarven Empire in the mountains here (Where -no one knows exactly) but many have traveled to search them out. Some ruins near Mantua suggest they may have been there but the ruins are sparse and no positive evidence exists that they were Dwarven made. Many suggest the Giants built them long ago. Its a matter of debate at the Roman College of History in Rome. No indigenous Dwarves have been seen in the Empire for nearly 1500 years until the recent discovery of the Dwarven Kingdom of Kragencore in Victoria - a sub Province of Farea.


    High Lord Governor General Flavius Mercurius Faris
    High Lady Corinthia Faris
    Legion Captain Marcus Antonius Faris - Legio II Felix
    Knight Praefectus Gaius Mercurius Faris - Legio I Felix
    Janus Darius Faris - Eldest Daughter
    Aurelia Faris - Youngest Daughter

    Primus Pilus Sextus Decimus - LEGII FELIX 1st Spear of the Felix Legions and personal friend of the High Lord
    Quintus Fidelius Curser
    Rykar Malwan - Mage
    Zimus - Mage
    Tyberius - Priest of Jupiter

    Aes Sedai Embassy

    Nizumi Andremaris -
    Green Ajah
    Warder Timon
    Warder Quintus

    Baria Simosen - Blue Ajah
    Warder Ellric

    Juno Yoristen Yellow Ajah
    Warder Sandor

    Daria Wendressen Red Ajah
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