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New Shadowrun Campaign - Dawn of the Artifacts

  1. MrMooCow
    Hello! Trying to put together a new runner team for an extended campaign. I have 4 players now, looking to add another 2 or 3. We've started running the basic "Hey, you're a runner? I'm a runner too! We should form a team...." games. If we can get a regular game time going, and everyone shows up pretty reliably, I'm intending to start the "Dawn of the Artifacts" Campaign that Catalyst put out a few years ago. As of now, all the players are new to Shadowrun (I'm a veteran GM from the FanPro days).

    Starting characters will be 400 BP, 50 Karma characters (with some minor extras thrown in as I deem appropriate for the character).

    Most of the players are in the South to SW suburbs of Chicago. I'm the closest to the City in Woodridge, which is where we've met so far. Game Location is subject to change though, including a semi-public place like a game store.
  2. dmderek
    I would be interested in playing haven't been able to play in years. If you are still looking please get back to me with some details I live a ways away so I need to know when you guys usually play and other such things. I have been playing or running SR since the 1st edition days.
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