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Thug Life

  1. templeorder
    One of the three campaigns currently running in the Steel Realms fantasy setting is Thug Life. I'll introduce the concept and background here... more for documentation than discussion - but anyone can comment. I closed the primary campaign because i was putting in too much time and the players were not very appreciative. So, i moved most of these (still my friends) into an easy campaing called Thug Life. It takes place in a 20 block lone by 5-6 block wide stretch of Crow Alley in the ancient city of Ados in the southern heartlands. Everyone is a thug of some sort, and the characters have to choose a gang, and try and make it up through the ranks. Ther's no swords, its mostly clubs, chains, daggers, and imprvised weaponry. Its dirty, gritty and ugly sometimes... with the final goal to make it out of the gangs and into one of the 5 brotherhoods that run the cities big-time crime outside of Crow Alley. Adventures are 1-3 hours each... short and sweet, easy to prepare and i don't keep notes. Nothing in the outside world is impacted, nothing epic happens, and its fun for us all. I'm looking for ideas for thugs and theives...
  2. templeorder
    Oh yea, here is the roughly the only notes i'm providing for this low-impact-on-GM campaign:
  3. wulfdesign
    There is a pretty good chance it'll be nice Wednesday afternoon - evening so gaming SHOULD take place on the boat on Lake Union.
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