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House Rules

  1. Dalkiel
    Every game group has house rules, whether they cover game nuances, game mechanics, or behavior at the table. Share some of your house rules here.
  2. jpatterson
    I don't think the game exists, at a group's normal venue, that isn't houseruled. In my Solomon Kane game I run, I have, among others, a rule that prevents enemies from doing more than 2 Wounds to a PC in one shot, since all characters only have 3 max, and when you hit 4, you have to roll on a critical table. It has come into play a few times already.
  3. LordNightwinter
    Well to start off I guess I'll post some of my house rules, the ones I can remember anyway.

    My D&D 4e House Rules
    1.) Skill Challenges: The players roll initiative as with any other encounter. A player cannot use the same skill twice in a row and cannot use the same skill another character used in the same round.
    2.) Attacks/Damage for AoE: One attack roll and damage roll for areas of effect. It gives the chance to miss or crit on one roll and shortens encounter length.

    My Mouse Guard House Rules
    1.) Treesinging: Tapping into the more forgotten arts of nature a mouse can shape nature depending on his number of successes. One successful check can feed a single mouse for a single day, this type of shaping can only be made once per day. Sample uses could be crafting a sturdy staff from a branch or a whole concert of treesingers bending and shaping a tree for shelter.
    2.) Necromancy: This skill is reserved for antagonists only at this point. Details are GM only. A necromancer can talk to the dead at minimum and raise the dead as mindless slaves at most. He can only control a number of undead servants of this type at a rate of 1 per die he has in necromancy. Regardless of size animated remains are all generally the same toughness.
  4. LordNightwinter
    Not exactly a house rule per-se but these tables have helped me out on several occasions.

    DM Tables
    Random Events
    Roll Event Roll Event
    1-9 Accident 53-50 Famine
    10-14 Assassination 60-67 Famous Person
    15-22 Bad Weather 68-74 Fire
    23-30 Crime Wave 75-81 Flood
    31-28 Death 82-87 Monster
    39-45 Discovery 88-93 Plague
    46-52 Earthquake 92-100 Political Plot

    Weather Table
    Die Result Weather
    01-70 Normal weather
    Cold: Cold, calm
    Temperate: Normal for Season*
    Desert: Hot, calm
    71-80 Abnormal weather
    Cold: Cold Snap (31-100) or Heat Wave (1-30)
    Temperate: Heat wave (1-50) or Cold snap (51-100)
    Desert: Hot, windy
    81-90 Inclement weather
    Cold: Precipitation (Snow)
    Temperate: Precipitation (normal for season)
    Desert: Hot, windy
    91-99 Storm
    Cold: Snowstorm
    Temperate: Thunderstorm, snowstorm
    Desert: Duststorm
    100 Powerful storm
    Cold: Blizzard
    Temperate: Widstorm, blizzard, hurricane, tornado
    Desert: Downpour
    Storm with elementals (air or water)
    Storm of Vengeance (Ashbound druid)

    Chance of Wilderness Encounter
    Type of Area d% Chance
    Desolate/Wasteland 5% chance per hour
    Frontier/Wilderness 8% chance per hour
    Verdant/Civilized 10% chance per hour
    Heavily Traveled 12% chance per hour

    Urban Encounters
    D20 Encounter D20 Encounter
    0 Bullies 14 Brawl
    1 Muggers 15 Robbery
    2 Guard Harassment 16 Prisoner
    3 Pickpockets 17 Monster
    4 Spectacle 18 Fire
    5 Found Item 19 Accident
    6 Lost child 20 Spell awry
    7 Corpse 21 Prominent Prsn
    8 Animal 22 Mistaken ID
    9 Overturned/runaway cart 23 Guards nd help
    10 District encounter 24 Employment
    11 District encounter 25+ Admirer
    12 Contest in progress
    13 Duel/mageduel on progress
    Urban Encounter Check Modifiers
    Circumstance Mod
    City Size
    Small city +1
    Large city +2
    Metropolis +3
    Charactersí Status/Activity
    Characters are unusually anonymous -2
    Characters are unusually famous +2
    Characters are laying low -2
    Characters are looking for action +2
    Charactersí Party Level
    1-5 +0
    6-10 +1
    11-15 +2
    16 or higher +3

    Dungeon Walls
    Wall Type Thick Break Hard HP Climb

    Masonry 1ft 35 8 90hp 15
    Sup. Masonry 1ft 35 8 90hp 20
    Ren. Masonry 1ft 45 8 180hp 15
    Hewn Stone 3ft 50 8 540hp 22
    Unworked St. 5ft 65 8 900hp 20
    Iron 3in 30 10 90hp 25
    Paper Paper 1 - 1hp 30
    Wood 6in. 20 5 60hp 21
    Magical - +20 x2 x2 -
    Magical: HP=x2 or 50hp, whichever is greater
    HP: Per 10x10 section

    Dungeon Doors DC: DC:
    Door Type Thick Hard HP Stuck Locked
    Simple wood 1in 5 10hp 13 15
    Good wood 1-1/2in 5 15hp 16 18
    Strong wood 2in 5 20hp 23 25
    Stone 4in 8 60hp 28 28
    Iron 2in 10 60hp 28 28
    Portcullis (W) 3in 5 30hp 25 25
    Portcullis (I) 2in 10 60hp 25 25
    Lock - 15 30hp - -
    Hinge - 10 30hp - -

    Dungeon Floors
    Flagstone, Uneven Flagstone, Hewn Stone, Light Rubble, Dense Rubble, Smooth Stone, Natural Stone, Special (Slippery, grate, ledge, transparent), Sliding, Trap
    Empty, Guard Post, Living Quarters, Work Area, Shrine, Vault, Crypt
    Trapped, Mazed
    Misc Features
    Stairs (Gradual, Steep, Spiral, Railings and low walls), Bridges (Narrow, Rope, Drawbridge, Railings and low walls), Chutes and Chimneys, Pillars, Stalactite/mite, Statue, Tapestry, Pedistal, Pools (Deep, Shallow, Special), Elevator, Ladder, Shifting stone or wall, Teleporters, Altars, Cave-ins, Illumination
  5. Dalkiel
    For a little bit of uncertainty and suspense, I have a heck of a list of tables for fumbles. It's a book called the Critonomicon. My wife was offered $100 dollars if she'd make the book disappear. :-)
  6. jpatterson
    This is cool. I'll share my pdf of random items I'm working on for my Solomon Kane game.
  7. jpatterson
    Here is a new pdf I created, consolidating current wind speed scales, from sea, to tornado, to hurricane, tsunami, etc. Any feedback?
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