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  1. Dalkiel
    Players come in all varieties, from the thinkers, to the thespians, to the combat monkeys, to the diplomats, and many more. What are your most and least favorite kinds of gamers, and how do you deal with problem players?
  2. LordNightwinter
    I've had some weirdos in the past: (Keep in mind these are all scenarios crafted and executed by my players)
    The aggressor (AKA: FPS Doug) - Wants to attack everything, even the orphan waif that he just paid to deliver a message.
    Solution - Have a bigger person beat him into a pulp in game or show him via punishments and rewards that killing people and taking their stuff is not always the solution.

    The pacifist - Will not attack or kill anything, works exclusively with subdual damage regardless of the fact that the horrible paradimensional entity doesn't want to parlay.
    Solution - Beat him until he understands, barring that kill his characters a few times when he tries to reason with the orcish horde.

    The doppelganger - This player is fully functional until you introduce a friend or relative in to the mix then they completely ignore all logic, reason, and intelligent decisions.
    Solution - Punish the character for their stupidity as needed, don't hold many punches.

    The extreme role-player - Always on the center stage, this player attempts to have the spot-light on them at all times.
    Solution - Focus on all of the players and ask the annoying chaotic neutral monkey to have a seat and wait their turn. Alternately use a 'social combat' encounter complete with initiative to control said role-player's outbursts.

    The deadpan - This player is only present and accounted for because he has nothing better to do. Lazy, lackluster, and no role-playing involved.
    Solution - I'm sure there's more than one exit in your play area. In this order: Chimney, Windows, Laundry Chutes, Doors.

    The eater (AKA: The mooch) - It's one thing to provide snacks, it's another thing to have someone raiding your fridge.
    Solution - BOYF, Bring your own fajitas or kick said person out.

    The chaotic player (AKA: The weirdo) - You never know what this person is going to do, and on some days you wonder what institution this person escaped from.
    Solution - Sometimes a little chaos is good. For those other times a healthy dose of 'your character pissed off the entire town guard and the rest of the party doesn't know you' helps.
  3. esotericenigma
    The dice fiddler- this person is always playing with the dice stacking them doing rolls when not needed on a hard surface, then the player says look at that high role I made.

    My solution- politely explain it is a distraction and is not needed. Then state when you needed that high role you wasted it!

    The math nut - This person will actually calculate the rate of flow of water entering the a hole in a ship and ask for exact dimensions of the vessel so he can calculate how fast the ship will sink in real terms.

    My solution - measure things in turns or actions. Remind the person that this is a game and reality is not necessarily held here as in the real world.

    The repeat player - this person will ask you to repeat something for a second or even third time orally so he can find some esoteric hidden meaning.

    My solution - I use key words and phrases and let everyone know that if they are writing something down let me know and i will wait or slow down so they can keep up.

    The power gamer - My stats are not all maxed out at the beginning person thinking that the stats are the key to success.

    My solution - is educate the person that having some stats lower or not maxed makes an interesting character.

    The oh well player - this person fells that characters are a dime a dozen so if you take a huge risk and die no biggie because he can always make more.

    My solution - Even though a character may die from time to time taking a huge risk makes it harder on the party when the levels are so far apart.

    The I am an expert player - This is the player who has extensive knowledge on a sword or place maybe even time frame and thinks that they have the upper hand always. Even tries to correct the GM with somethings that were not accurate according to a book a History TV series etc.

    My solution - Remind the person that is for fun and not a historic or accountable story of the time but a GAME that is Fantasy based for play.

    I have more but I shall spare you!
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